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VAULT customers come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not a certain gender that unites them. Not a certain age or occupation. Not love for a certain kind of car. Not a preference to spend Saturdays under a hood or over a workbench. It’s an understanding of quality. Of strength. Of value. Of longevity. This is why we knew 60-year-old widow Beverly Hunter would be a VAULT fan for life. Because those are the things she cares about, too.

On the hunt for storage solutions for her McPherson, Kansas, garage, Beverly reached out to us and demanded a product that could stand the test of time, that was “high quality and also looked good.” We introduced Beverly to our FORGED cabinetry line, but when she set eyes on our Professional Series she was immediately sold on its distinctive and beautiful lines, its durability and high build quality.

“I am the type of person that wants quality and always have. It means I have fewer items but they last longer, look good and I am proud of (owning) them.”

Beverly’s not alone in those sentiments. Across the board, VAULT clients desire a product that is not only beautiful but also built with a quality they know will last a lifetime. Customers that have had our garage cabinets for a decade routinely call to tell us their pieces look every bit as nice today as they did upon purchase. Value and durability – that’s what drew Beverly to VAULT, too.

These pieces will be something I will be proud to pass on to the next generation,” she said. “It’s not just a purchase, it’s an investment!

In the end, Beverly settled on the 48”-Wide Chest Armoire Cabinet and the Nine Drawer Triple Workchest. Exposed exterior frames (11-guage vertical and 16 horizontal), full-length handles, interior Blum hinges on double-walled steel doors. Both are incredibly strong and versatile, and a must for any active garage. And to top it off, for Beverly the color choice of Starlight Black for the cabinets’ powder coating adds a serious helping of “eye candy.”

Beverly’s choice of VAULT cabinets allowed her to organize her garage into the “pride and joy” of her home, and she loves when that pride arrives as the envy of her curious neighbors: “I always listen to comments men make when they come into my house through the garage. Most have never seen anything this nice.”

48”-Wide Chest Armoire cabinet with two doors – Armoire cabinets are among the most versatile cabinet’s that a client can own  They are perfect for storing paint cans, five-gallon buckets, gardening equipment, hunting equipment, clothes, fishing equipment, you name it.

48”-Wide Chest Armoire Cabinet – VAULT Professional Series

As for us here at VAULT, we couldn’t be more proud of Beverly’s thoughts on our workmanship and service:

“I am thrilled with my first [order]. The quality is beyond what I expected and make my clean garage look top notch. And, they look great next to my Audi! These cabinets will be passed on to my family for generations. Your customer service is something the world could use more of. Thanks again.”

Nine Drawer Triple Workchest – This tool storage cabinet comprised of a total of three (3) 3.5”-tall drawers at the top, which are perfect for storing things like hand tools (socket sets, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, etc) and six (6) 10”-tall drawers that are perfect for storing items like power tools or are even tall enough to store even a one-gallon paint can.

Nine Drawer Triple Workchest – VAULT Professional Series

Thank you, Beverly, for selecting VAULT. It has been so wonderful getting to know you. We take pride in building every cabinet, and we’re glad you got to experience that commitment to quality, first-hand. Thank you so very much for your business.

If you’re ready to experience a higher level of customer service and products of unmatched quality, request your free design consultation today.

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“Bad Ass Cabinets!”

Here is what our client, Mike Harbaugh of Gaithersburg, Maryland, had to say about his ‘Starlight Black’ Professional Series cabinets and tool chests:

“The cabinets and tool boxes are amazing. BAD ASS cabinets. I love them. Thanks!”

And from Mike’s wife Lesli:

“Thank you again for your help. The cabinets are beautiful.”

At VAULT® we manufacture handcrafted custom metal cabinets exactly the way our clients want them configured. Mike ordered these cabinets with custom keyed-alike
locks and oversized 14-gauge thickness brushed stainless steel countertops which weighed a ton when they left the factory and ought to take a beating.

Our clients often call their VAULT® cabinets ‘Amazing’ and ‘Beautiful’, but learn more why are cabinets are also exceptionally functional and durable to last a lifetime of use.

The Best Metal Cabinets in the World

Who other than a new VAULT® customer would actually go through this much effort to document their joy and adulation of owning our cabinets? Only VAULT® customers have this amount of passion for our incomparable products.

After purchasing two other competitor products and feeling unsatisfied, what is this client’s opinion of our Designer Series cabinets?

They are the “Best Cabinets in the World!” proudly proclaimed Christian Drothler of Greenville, South Carolina. And, as you can see, super easy to
install. After our hanger brackets are firmly secured to the wall, hanging our cabinets is as easy as hanging a picture frame.

Here is Christian’s quick summary of the video:

“This is just a quick edit to share with friends and family! There is a lot more to come to share the install and joy of the World’s Best Cabinets!
They are truly amazing! Thank you very much!!!!!”.

Getting to know you as our customer has been an immense pleasure Chrisitan. As much pleasure as you have for your purchase of our cabinets we have received in collaborating and serving you. Everyone here is just so happy and proud by your positive response and kind comments. Thank you!

All VAULT® cabinet products are manufactured in the United States in an ISO 9001 certified factory to ensure consistent quality.

If you want the same experience as all other VAULT® customers, please contact us today.

Consumers Need To Know: Composite Wood Based Cabinetry in the Garage

Customers who are also considering wood cabinetry for their garage often ask for my professional opinion on what I think of wood-based storage cabinets.

Before I answer their question, there a few details that are helpful to know to better understand what priorities are most important to them arriving
at a decision that is the best fit to match their space needs, storage needs and budgetary expectations.

Some of the background that is important to understand, include: Where do they live? Is the garage climate controlled for temperature and humidity?
Will the cabinets be storing heavy or bulky items? If so, how important is durability? Is it a working garage? Is price the single most important
decision criterion?

Your intended use of the cabinetry, your expectations for their performance, as well as your preferences for style, color and finish will influence your decision on what you will purchase. If long-term durability and trouble-free performance is important, material selection is the single most important consideration. In the case of wood cabinetry, there are several strengths and limitations that will determine whether or not they are a fit for your garage.

Kitchen, Bath or Closet Cabinetry in the Garage?

Having spent a number of years with a large industrial timber and lumber company, I have a deep reverence for the beauty of wood. Increasingly, I am
witnessing wood-based cabinets that would normally be used in a kitchen or closet, being re-marketed for use in the garage, particularly at the
luxury end of the market.

Yet, unlike the kitchen, bath, or closet, the garage is a very harsh environment. Garage cabinetry is subject to use and conditions not present inside the home. Garage cabinetry must:

  • Store heavy items such as tools, sporting goods, gardening equipment, paint cans, large plastic totes and boxes, and countless other over-sized bulky items that are often heavy.
  • Be durable enough so that they are not easily scratched or dented.
  • Resist contact with automobile fluids, chemicals, cleaners, paint, and other items, some of which can be hazardous, that are commonly stored in the garage.
  • Hold up to the extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity that can cause failure of wood-based cabinetry over a short span of time.

Admittedly, wood cabinets look beautiful. They make a logical visual transition from the garage into the interior of the home, which is the way they are marketed. And, while wood-based cabinets offer consumers the flexibility of nearly unlimited size options and appearance packages, I have strong reservations about their performance, which have never been designed or built for use in the harsher garage environment. Wood laminate cabinets are highly susceptible to scratches, chips, burns, and stains and can warp if exposed to excessive moisture and humidity. More importantly, they were not engineered to handle the extreme weight loads that garage organization and storage demands.

Despite price or reputation, even some of the finest wood cabinetry brands contain components that are not well suited for un-tempered  environments. A closer look at wood materials will help explain why.

Composite Wood-based Panel Products

Many consumers are unfamiliar with the material from which wood cabinetry is manufactured today. The majority of wood-based cabinetry being marketed and sold into the garage is constructed of panels made from wood fiber, either industrial particleboard or medium-density fiberboard (MDF), both of which are man-man alternatives to real (solid) wood. These products are made by blending scrap wood particles or fibers with glues or resins (some of which contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen) that are compressed under high heat and pressure to form large sheets. These sheet surfaces are then covered with melamine (a resin-impregnated paper), a vinyl sheet, high-pressure laminate, veneer or painted.

These composite panel are also used for the cabinet box components, but are frequently used for the doors, drawer fronts and drawers. Some manufactures offer doors, drawer and drawer fronts that may be constructed from solid wood as a premium option.

One of the key benefits of wood-based panel products is their relative low price, when compared to metal cabinetry for instance. Melamine covered particleboard is easily machined and can be shipped in a flat pack, ready for assembly by the installer or consumer.

Some Tradeoffs to Consider

While wood composite based products are generally affordable, there are some major trade-offs. First, particleboard and MDF panels are not waterproof, which can be a major issue for homeowners who live in a high-humidity environment, where composite wood based panel products can absorb ambient moisture in the air.

Particleboard and MDF will absorb water through contact with damp or wet surfaces like concrete floors. Water spills, particularly around cabinet joints or unsealed edges can be absorbed, cause swelling, lead to delamination of the melamine, laminate or paint from the substrate and weaken the joints and in some cases, which could lead to failure of the assembly. Once delamination occurs to the surface of a composite wood based cabinet it can be rendered unsuitable for use and must be repaired or replaced.

While both industrial particleboard and MDF can be manufactured with ‘moisture resistant’ formulations, few manufacturers use them. Ask your supplier to provide you with a material specification sheet to verify that the cabinets you are considering are moisture resistant. That said, if your space
is not air-conditioned and you live in a humid environment, composite wood based cabinetry might not be the best choice for lasting beauty and

Overall Durability

Generally speaking, composite wood-based cabinetry does not possess the characteristics for strength, load bearing and moisture resistance of metal.
Cabinet and door surfaces simply do not possess the resistance to impact and abrasion compared to metal.

In terms of its structural integrity, a wood-based cabinet is a much weaker assembly incapable of holding weights carried by metal cabinetry and are
less rigid than their metal equivalent and are more prone to failure. How much weight-load a cabinet is capable of handling is an indicator of
its strength and durability. The average maximum weight load of a wood-based cabinet shelf is 90lbs and 75lbs in drawers. By comparison, the standard minimum weight-load capacity for all VAULT® cabinets are 400lbs on shelves and 225lbs within drawers.

In a working garage, wood drawer boxes and glides are generally of a much lower load rating than their metal counterpart. The durability, cleanability
and resistance to oil, grease and solvents are generally lower with a wood-based drawer box than with metal. It is for these reasons why you will
seldom find wood based cabinets or tool chests in a professional mechanics garage and why no major manufacturer markets wood-based cabinets to
commercial garages.

So, in evaluating a composite wood cabinetry versus metal, these are a few characteristics to remember. If quality, durability and reliable performance
over the long haul are your high on your list, a wood based cabinet for your garage might not be your best option; however, they can provide an
economical, low-cost storage, short-term alternative to storage solutions.

This article was written by Chad Haas, founder of VAULT®.

Note: All VAULT® products are manufactured in the United States in an ISO 9001 certified factory.

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

They say that ‘One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words’. One look at our Professional Series line of metal cabinets and tool chests will prove that no
other company in the world can match VAULT® for being the most well-made metal cabinet in the world.

Ever buy something sight unseen and it does not live up to your expectations? Take one look at this suite of stunning cabinetry and you’ll see why although other companies try to mimic the look our look (and even have the audacity to name their product similarly) no one match the VAULT® difference.

Why settle for something plain and average, when you can own the exceptional?

This is what the builder for this Irving, California client has to say:

“This particular home is toured often by residents and buyers looking for ideas for their own garages. The owners were so pleased with the VAULT cabinets at their other home that they aren’t considering any other avenues. They would be happy to keep your color samples and a maybe some advertisement cards in a drawer to hopefully spread the word. I am attaching some pictures of the last project that you are free to use.”

View more pictures of our Professional Series cabinets by VAULT by visiting us at:



For more than a decade, VAULT® founder Chad Haas has been designing and furnishing the world’s finest garages and creating distinctive one-of-a-kind garage environments that have been featured on television (HGTV, DIY, CNBC and BBC) and print (Robb Report, DuPont Registry, Auto Aficionado) media.

No other company in the world is capable of matching VAULT’s design expertise and custom capabilities to furnish your garage so that there will not be another one like it anywhere in the world.

Contact Chad Haas at (310) 622-4477 to make your dream a reality.


The most important goal of Butler Construction & Renovation is having a happy, satisfied customer. So when they searched for a metal cabinet that met the highest standards for quality workmanship, would arrive on schedule and within the client’s budget they sought out FORGED cabinets by VAULT®.

I was impressed with the products and customer service we received from Vault. We incorporated their cabinets into a high-end, residential, garage renovation project we completed for a client in Fresno, CA. The cabinets were delivered on time and on budget. They are built to last and the durable glossy finish is eye-catching. Vault delivered quality and service that was second to none. They were instrumental to a successful project and a happy customer”,
said Tim Butler, CEO of Butler Construction & Renovation, Inc., whose company is based in Colvis, California.

Shortly after the Fresno, CA garage was finished, the homeowner held an open house to host the local Porsche & BMW Club and Peterson Auto Museum Checkered Flag 200 members. How did it go? “I was told by quite a few people how much they loved my cabinets! Everyone’s first impression was quite positive, and I thank you for your great customer service! The Azure Blue (color) just ‘pops’ in my garage and (I continued to) have received a handful of complements from friends & neighbors already!”,
said the proud owner. 

About Tim Butler Construction

Based and serving Fresno and Clovis, California, Tim Butler Construction is experienced in new home construction, commercial and residential remodeling, and design consulting. They offer customers 3D models of their project and can design every detail of interiors & exteriors with customized cabinets, fixtures, furnishings, accessories, colors, textures and more. Whether you are planning to build a new home or remodel your existing home, Tim Butler Construction has insider tips that will help guide you on your way.

Visit them at their website: www.buildingluxury.org

And follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buildingluxury.org

If you are interested in having Butler Construction and Renovation build your new custom home or remodel your existing home, contact at:

Butler Construction & Renovation Inc.
755 N. Peach Suite E-2
Clovis, CA 93611

Phone: (559) 272-4800
Email: office@buildingluxury.org


Visit the FORGED website at: http://www.forgedcabinets.com/

FORGED steel cabinets are designed by VAULT®. For more than a decade, VAULT® has been designing & furnishing the world’s finest garages and creating custom, personalized solutions for people just like you. We’ve helped client’s reimagine their garage to discover its hidden potential and get more out of their homes. And more out of their lives.

Custom Sink Unit Designed For Garage Cabinets

This Professional Series base cabinet was custom designed and built for a client in Idaho wanting to incorporate a sink with doors combined with drawers all in one unit. Spanning 72”-long this cabinet looks sophisticated and elegant in its Tuxedo Black color and brushed stainless steel trim.

The design of our Pro Series has been called the most beautiful cabinet and tool chest in the world. And while we are proud that our customers feel that way, we are even more proud that they feel it is the most well-made metal cabinet in the world.

Learn more about our Professional Series cabinets by VAULT.


Why Settle for Average, When You Can Own Exceptional

Four fundamentals have guided product creation for every VAULT® product: Sophisticated Styling, Ultimate Durability, Superb Craftsmanship and Unmatched Quality.

Offering customers the most elegant garage, our cabinets are not only beautiful, they are the most well-made in the world. Garage cabinets are meant to last, meant to be used. VAULT Cabinets are built as tough as possibly can be made. Indestructible. And built to last a lifetime.


The value of what VAULT® offers is in satisfying customers. We believe that exceptional products should come with exceptional customer service. For more than a decade, our reputation has been built upon a long list of satisfied customers. Just ask them (click here to read customer testimonials we have received recently: http://www.vaultgarage.com/reputation/testimonials/).

We are confident that you will find nothing else like our product – in terms of beauty, strength, fit and finish, meticulous details, and overall quality – to any other cabinet or tool storage system in the world.


Only the highest quality materials available are used to build our world-class storage cabinets. VAULT® is the only company that uses Premium-Grade 304 stainless steel in the construction of our metal cabinets. Known for its excellent combination of long life, corrosion resistance, ease of maintenance and unrivaled strength – there is no better raw material from which to build cabinets.

Be wary of competing products that market their cabinets as ‘stainless steel’ construction and use only a paper thin decorative veneer. Only VAULT® offers double-wall construction using stainless sheet metal in type 304-grade.


Committed to offering a stylish product, each cabinet is the result of careful consideration to every detail. All visible surfaces and parts are painstakingly critiqued to be of furniture-grade quality — no visible seams, fasteners or welded joints are exposed and all joints feature hemmed construction. Our manufacturing process allows us to create precision parts (to tolerances of ±.015) create highly precise and consistent parts.


Beautifully detailed in automotive-quality powder coated surfaces on all exterior doors, drawer fronts and side panels, the premium finish on our cabinets projects a luxurious, deep gloss that is also easy to clean. All powder coated surfaces are hand sanded before paint so they are perfectly straight.

All other companies skimp on powder coated surfaces because matte textured finishes can hide blemishes and is a cheaper surface finish. VAULT®’s luxurious, yet durable, finish is a signature feature that has made our cabinets famous.


Premium-Grade stainless steel drawers operate smoothly on extreme-duty ball bearing drawer slides. Drawers will easily accommodate an extreme amount of weight up to 225lbs without any noticeable fatigue in their operation. Full-extension hardware allows easy access to the furthest reaches of the drawer, providing easy accessibility to all contents.

Our heavy-duty stainless steel shelves are designed for significant weight loads and extreme use. Their single-piece construction incorporates stiffeners to produce a superior shelf that can accommodate an impressive 400lbs of weight per shelf with no fatigue.


All doors have double-wall steel construction with stiffening flanges built in place to create a stronger, rigid door that will also increase the life of your products and ensure precise operation. How impressive is our door construction? A single Armoire door weighs an astounding 52lbs! Top performing fully-adjustable hinges by Blum guarantee that all doors can be in perfect alignment.


As a VAULT® customer, you are purchasing an American-made product made with pride in Indianapolis, Indiana — in the heart of USA. We are involved in every step of the way, and our processes are uncompromising, because we believe each of our products is a representation of who we are, and we are not willing to settle for anything less than the very best.


Whether you are an architect, a designer, the home builder or home owner, we will work directly with you to create a custom, personalized solution that is perfect for you from design to delivery!

We’ve helped clients all over the world from as far away as Australia, Dubai, the Caribbean Islands, and the Dominican Republic … even on the north slope of Alaska and on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

You can start the process to get a layout and quote by contacting us by phone (310-622-4477) or email (sales@vaultgarage.com).

TOP 5 MISTAKES IN GARAGE DESIGN: #1 – Incorporating a Television above a Countertop

Whether your motivation to installing a television in your garage is to watch Nascar, the Speed Network, Velocity Channel or entertain friends to watch a sporting event together, they continue to grow in popularity, particularly as prices for larger and better TV’s become more affordable.

Yet, one common mistake we keep seeing show up over-and-over again is incorporating televisions into wall cabinets or on a wall above a work area (countertop). Placing a television this close to where you will work or stand may create a very fatiguing user experience. It may also limit the vantage points from which the television can be seen elsewhere in the garage.

Before you commit to your TV’s placement above your countertop work surface or cabinetry, try this exercise first: in your home,
stand two feet in front of a television to determine if you feel comfortable being that close. Envision yourself working there … for even 15
minutes. Most people find a TV placed that close to their face uncomfortable and fatiguing.

And for good reason. The optimal viewing distance that a television should be placed away from the viewer is recommended as follows:

  • 25 Inch Class TV = Set TV 39” Away from Viewing Distance
  • 30 Inch Class TV = Set TV 48” Away from Viewing Distance
  • 35 Inch Class TV = Set TV 54” Away from Viewing Distance
  • 40 Inch Class TV = Set TV 63” Away from Viewing Distance
  • 45 Inch Class TV = Set TV 72” Away from Viewing Distance
  • 50 Inch Class TV = Set TV 78” Away from Viewing Distance
  • 55 Inch Class TV = Set TV 87” Away from Viewing Distance
  • 60 Inch Class TV = Set TV 96” Way from Viewing Distance
  • 65 Inch Class TV = Set TV 102” Away from Viewing Distance
  • 70 Inch Class TV = Set TV 111” Away from Viewing Distance

With standard countertop depth of garage cabinets at 24” deep and mounting hardware being 6”-8”, a typical TV will be only 16”-18” away from your face when you are standing directly in front of it. That is simply too close for comfort and you’ll notice every single pixel. That will not create an enjoyable experience.

So, what are some other options?

Review the location and placement in areas of your garage to find a location where your television can be seen from more vantage points. Cutting out a
cardboard template in the same size as the TV you have selected is a good way of helping you visualize its location before making a final decision.

Garage corners are a good locations for televisions because they are generally free from obstructions and allow for a higher location so that the TV can be seen from more vantage points.

This article was authored by Chad Haas, Founder of VAULT

Tips To Get The Best Return-On-Investment From Your Garage Cabinets

When looking to purchase garage cabinets, here are a few ‘tips’ to getting the best return-on-investment and bang for your buck in selecting the
best cabinets to meet your space, storage and budgetary needs. Because the pricing of cabinets is often dependent upon what type of cabinet (doors or drawers) and their size, it may be helpful to know a few tricks of the trade.


Wherever practical, try to order the largest size cabinet possible. You may reasonable conclude that a quantity of two (2) 24”-wide cabinets equals the
same span as one (1) 48”-wide cabinet and that the costs therefore should be the same. However, because the manufacture has to machine twice the number of parts and will have twice the labor component to assemble those parts, the costs of two cabinets will always going to be inherently higher to you the consumer. Always buy big!

Larger cabinets may also be more efficient for some manufacturers. Cabinetmakers need to make the largest number of parts from the smallest amount of material. Generally speaking, large parts (associated with larger-sized cabinets) have greater material yield and therefore less waste compared to smaller parts, where yield may be lower and the amount of waste disproportionately higher.

You may also be thinking that you are purchasing the same amount of storage capacity, but you are actually sacrificing storage space if, for example, you are placing two (2) 24”-wide cabinets next to one another compared to one (1) 48”-wide cabinet. Both side walls, which are redundant because they are butted against each other, consumes storage space that a wider cabinet that is open does not lose. A smaller cabinet also limits what can be stored inside.

Lastly, because shipping costs can often be dependent on the quantity of the shipment, limiting the number of cabinets and maximizing their size may also save you in shipping costs.


As a general rule, base cabinets with drawers will always be more costly to manufacturer than cabinets with doors because:

(a) Drawer bodies are inherently more challenging to manufacture than doors; and

(b) For every drawer body there are two drawer slides and a handle, so hardware costs can add up quickly. As an example, in an eight-drawer cabinet there are 16 drawer slides, eight drawer bodies and eight handles, which ends up being a lot of hardware assembled inside one cabinet. Whenever there are lots of parts, there will need to be the labor to assemble those parts together.

In short, the more drawers, the more expensive the cabinet.

Let’s cover what is stored in drawers and what size of drawer are generally available to help guide you toward selecting what size and quantity of drawers will best meet your needs:

Small-Height Drawers (like 3.5”-tall drawers) – These are perfect for storing small hand tools, such as socket sets, screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers and other similarly sized tools. These drawers are also ideal for storing fasteners, such as boxes of screws, nuts, bolts, washers, etc.

Medium-Sized Drawers (like 7”-tall drawers) – Are ideal for storing small power tools, such as cordless tools, handheld tools and air tools. Any handheld power tool that is battery operated, electric or power by air will fit conveniently into this type of drawer.

Tall-Height Drawers (7” & taller) – Taller drawers will more easily accommodate larger power tools like circular saws, sawzalls,
spray guns, handheld sanders and other bulky tools that are often challenging to store.

Taking an inventory and making a list of the items you intend to store in drawers will be valuable to selecting only the number of cabinets and drawers you need.


While corner base cabinets are a popular way in kitchens of merging one wall of cabinetry to another and allowing for a continuous, uninterrupted work surface, because the cabinet needs to be very deep and the front access door small in size, storage space in corners is ordinarily wasted. And because of their massive depth, it is not easy to access contents from the further reaches of these cabinets.

With corner cabinets you generally have high cost and lower return on investment when compared to other cabinets having similar cubic storage.


What we hope to accomplish through these blog articles is to share the knowledge and information that we have gained at VAULT® over a decade
of helping design garages and organizing their spaces and in doing so help readers make informed decisions.


If you would like assistance with organizing your space, VAULT® offers complimentary design consultations. We will work closely you to talk discuss your space, your overall objectives, storage needs, as well as any budget parameters that you would like us to work within so that you can create a custom solution that is just right for you.

Please call us at (310) 622-4477 and let’s begin a conversation about your newly organized garage.

Selecting Storage Cabinets For Your Garage

Why Raw Materials are Vitally Important to the Longevity & Durability of your Cabinets

Every garage is meant to be a safe haven for cars, boats, gardening and lawn equipment, sports gear and other home valuables that are stored in it. At least, it should be. But the garage is a harsh environment, subjected to more extreme fluctuations in temperature and humidity that can wreak havoc on storage cabinets and the personal items that are stored inside them, particularly in tropical climates or near water, where the humidity in the air is higher (living near the ocean is particularly detrimental to certain items because it is also laden with salt, which is corrosive). Moisture
can easily creep up from damp concrete floors and during severe storms it can often be the garage that is flooded first.

You will also need a place to sort, organize and store your tools so that they do not get lost and allow you to easily find them when you need them. Shallow drawers, which are short in height, are a good way to organize fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws) and small hand tools (like socket sets, screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, etc.) as well as protecting tools with sharp edges that otherwise might be dulled if they were mixed with other tools. Portable or electric power tools represent their own unique challenges. It might seem obvious, but keeping electric power tools in a dry space will protect them against being damaged or ruined by humidity. Generally heavier and bulkier, they are best organized in tool chest storage cabinets with full-extension drawers for easy access.

There are also certain items such as automobile fluids, pool chemicals, cleaners, and paint that can be very corrosive and damaging to cabinetry. And bulky items like Rubbermaid boxes, 5-gallon buckets and seasonal items (like Christmas, for example) that require strong wide (ideally four foot wide) shelves capable of heavy-duty storage for these items without fatigue or failure and behind a closed door, are preferred to open shelving, so that everything remains dust-free.

People are passionate about working on their hobbies–whether it is a gearhead who enjoys tinkering around on their cars, to a woodworker, a gardener, or hunters and fisherman—and having a durable, easy to clean work surface that will stand up to heavy use and be resistant to chemicals and staining will allow you a place to enjoy work on projects and pursuing your passions.

Before you select a cabinet material and countertop surface, research the pros and cons of each material. Choosing quality materials that will make quality construction possible is the first step toward assuring that you have chosen garage cabinets that will ultimately meet with your expectations and desires.

Garage cabinets and countertops are built from a variety of different raw materials, including wood, aluminum, steel and stainless steel, each having different strength and durability characteristics that affect the life expectancy of the product and make them the best choice for their application.

A well thought out decision requires preparation. With proper preparation and research, you can avoid making a decision that you later regret if your cabinets do not meet your expectations. That is not always the case however with the myriad of choices consumers are being presented.

By comparing the features and benefits of the various materials that are available, buyers can find the right garage cabinets to meet their needs. Our
next articles will help provide some background to help assist you with making good choices.

Authored by Chad Haas, Founder of VAULT