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Where Pride and Quality Meet, You’ll Find VAULT

Where Pride and Quality Meet, You’ll Find VAULT

VAULT customers come in all shapes and sizes. It’s not a certain gender that unites them. Not a certain age or occupation. Not love for a certain kind of car. Not a preference to spend Saturdays under a hood or over a workbench. It’s an understanding of quality. Of strength. Of value. Of longevity. This is why we knew 60-year-old widow Beverly Hunter would be a VAULT fan for life. Because those are the things she cares about, too.

On the hunt for storage solutions for her McPherson, Kansas, garage, Beverly reached out to us and demanded a product that could stand the test of time, that was “high quality and also looked good.” We introduced Beverly to our FORGED cabinetry line, but when she set eyes on our Professional Series she was immediately sold on its distinctive and beautiful lines, its durability and high build quality.

“I am the type of person that wants quality and always have. It means I have fewer items but they last longer, look good and I am proud of (owning) them.”

Beverly’s not alone in those sentiments. Across the board, VAULT clients desire a product that is not only beautiful but also built with a quality they know will last a lifetime. Customers that have had our garage cabinets for a decade routinely call to tell us their pieces look every bit as nice today as they did upon purchase. Value and durability – that’s what drew Beverly to VAULT, too.

These pieces will be something I will be proud to pass on to the next generation,” she said. “It’s not just a purchase, it’s an investment!

In the end, Beverly settled on the 48”-Wide Chest Armoire Cabinet and the Nine Drawer Triple Workchest. Exposed exterior frames (11-guage vertical and 16 horizontal), full-length handles, interior Blum hinges on double-walled steel doors. Both are incredibly strong and versatile, and a must for any active garage. And to top it off, for Beverly the color choice of Starlight Black for the cabinets’ powder coating adds a serious helping of “eye candy.”

Beverly’s choice of VAULT cabinets allowed her to organize her garage into the “pride and joy” of her home, and she loves when that pride arrives as the envy of her curious neighbors: “I always listen to comments men make when they come into my house through the garage. Most have never seen anything this nice.”

48”-Wide Chest Armoire cabinet with two doors – Armoire cabinets are among the most versatile cabinet’s that a client can own  They are perfect for storing paint cans, five-gallon buckets, gardening equipment, hunting equipment, clothes, fishing equipment, you name it.

48”-Wide Chest Armoire Cabinet – VAULT Professional Series

As for us here at VAULT, we couldn’t be more proud of Beverly’s thoughts on our workmanship and service:

“I am thrilled with my first [order]. The quality is beyond what I expected and make my clean garage look top notch. And, they look great next to my Audi! These cabinets will be passed on to my family for generations. Your customer service is something the world could use more of. Thanks again.”

Nine Drawer Triple Workchest – This tool storage cabinet comprised of a total of three (3) 3.5”-tall drawers at the top, which are perfect for storing things like hand tools (socket sets, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, etc) and six (6) 10”-tall drawers that are perfect for storing items like power tools or are even tall enough to store even a one-gallon paint can.

Nine Drawer Triple Workchest – VAULT Professional Series

Thank you, Beverly, for selecting VAULT. It has been so wonderful getting to know you. We take pride in building every cabinet, and we’re glad you got to experience that commitment to quality, first-hand. Thank you so very much for your business.

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