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Carriage-Style Garage Door Collection

Customized to your lifestyle.

Curb appeal is the first impression people have of a home and the garage is often the first, largest and most visible feature. It also serves as the primary entrance for most homeowners.

While often taken for granted, the selection of a garage door is one of the most important architectural decisions that can be made. An ordinary garage door on a beautiful home is the equivalent of a fashion “Faux pas,” like wearing a pair of tennis shoes with a glamorous dress. It can ruin the entire effect.

We believe that a garage door should be a unique expression of its owner, rather than an imitation of its neighbor. Our beautiful, custom Carriage-Style doors are a striking architectural feature that is a reflection of your lifestyle. Each design detail within our doors is handcrafted to be an embodiment of your personality and a one-of-kind finishing touch to your showroom garage.

When you choose a VAULT® garage door to enhance the beauty of your home and garage, your exquisite taste and high standards will shine through to everyone.

Hand-Crafted FROM START-To-Finish

The finest Garage Doors Made

Thank you for your interest in VAULT® and our collection of the world’s finest wooden garage doors and hand-forged hardware.

Inspired by the carriage doors from a by-gone era, VAULT® doors are handcrafted using only the finest materials, woodworking skills, and the most advanced technology. The result is the highest quality door available in an unlimited range of customizable styles, woods, and hardware, so your design choices are virtually limitless.


All of our doors are handmade by artisans with care and patience, individually tailored to our client’s lifestyles. From the moment an order is placed, every door is custom-built to order and assembled entirely by hand from start to finish to our clients exact specifications.


Handcrafted using old-style cabinetry techniques, we select only the highest quality kiln dried lumber, hand-forged hardware, and building materials available. Like a fine piece of artwork, our customers have to wait for our garage doors to be constructed by our artisans before becoming contented owners. Mass production is not capable of making a product of this quality and beauty.


The result is a carriage-style garage door that has the artisanship of fine woodworking from days long gone, and a beauty that will only become more enhanced over time. Our level of attention to detail has made VAULT® the choice of discriminating homeowners who demand the best of all things to set their home and garage apart.

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