Luxury Garage Cabinets and Garage Furnishings by Vault

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials from clients from all over the world who have actually purchased from VAULT and can confirm first-hand the quality, commitment to customer service and attention to detail that has made our brand name famous in the world.

“The cabinets are BEAUTIFUL. Everyone who comes over asks where they came from. They are SUPERB QUALITY and ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS. I AM HARD TO IMPRESS TOO. Thank you for a great product.”

Tulsa, Oklahoma


“It was our client who first introduced us to VAULT, since he is accustomed to high-end products. We were VERY SURPRISED with the beautiful cabinets they show in their website, but the truth is that WE COULDN’T BELIEVE THE QUALITY OF WHAT WAS IN FRONT OF OUR EYES until received the merchandise on the job site: TOP CRAFTSMANSHIP AND ASTOUNDING FINISHES, with a specific and beautiful color we chose to fit our client’s requirements.

Last but not least, I have to say that the staff was always very available during the whole process, and I can VOUCH FOR THE HUMAN QUALITY OF THEIR SERVICE WHICH I PERSONALLY FOUND EXCEPTIONAL.”

Venezuela and the Dominican Republic


“Cabinets are AMAZING. Much better in reality than your web site. Your installation crew is TOP NOTCH!! Flawless delivery, installation and clean up. UNUSUAL FOR ME TO HAVE SUCH EXCITEMENT OVER CABINETS. But, well worth the wait. Thank you and thank you to your team.”

Cary, North Carolina


“Cabinets are AWESOME. Very nice, very happy with them. Looked at every other cabinet system on the market Lista, Moduline, Baldhead among perhaps others and the comparison between Vault and the rest is NOT EVEN CLOSE. THE QUALITY IS VASTLY SUPERIOR. Really like them and think I want to order 2 more armoires when I get things settled in.”

— DON COOPER, Cooper Service
Orland Park, Illinois


“The cabinets look AMAZING! They are a work of art!”

Tulsa, Oklahoma


“They all look AMAZING. I have to say you were 100% RIGHT ON THE QUALITY, and the DURABILITY and I know I won't have an issue as far as that goes. Thanks again and I'm already planning a future order!”

Wichita, Kansas


“I am writing to express my appreciation for the EXCEPTIONAL LEVEL OF CUSTOMER SERVICE provided by VAULT.

My partner and I looked at a number of cabinets prior to selecting yours. These included Baldhead, Moduline, and Lista. We were not satisfied with the other cabinets for a variety of reasons: play in the drawers, looks/design, or fit and finish.

After speaking with you on the phone we felt confident enough to take a chance and order cabinets from VAULT. We were not disappointed. The design aesthetic, fit, finish, and overall quality is UNMATCHED in my opinion.

We were so pleased with our initial order we followed-up with an additional custom cabinet, full tile for the floor in the garage, and new lighting. The custom cabinet you built for us was perfect, the tile is simply amazing, and, much to my surprise, the lights really did make a huge difference in the garage.

Thank you for all of your assistance and patience with my laundry list of questions. I do not think we would have ended up with half as nice of a garage had we gone with another vender.

Please feel free to pass on this letter or use me as a reference if anyone would like to speak to a VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER.”

Austin, TX


“BLOWN AWAY by the quality of the cabinets. STUNNING. Love ‘em. Trying to figger out where I can put more! Very happy customer. Keep up the great work.”

Boyce, Virginia


“I am writing to tell you what a pleasure it was to do business with your Company. It is not often that you buy something now a days that exceed your expectations. The quality and service your company exudes is refreshing.

I wanted to leave a testimonial on your website but wasn't sure how to do it. It should read as follows: "If you are looking to buy high end garage cabinets there is no better place to purchase them than Vault. The quality of the products are amazing and the service is second to none.”

Warwick, Rhode Island


“I cannot say enough about how proud I am of the items I have purchased from you. I have continued to reflect upon the experience and I keep coming back and summing it up with one word “INTEGRITY”. Integrity in advertising, integrity for the process and in the treatment of me as the customer, and integrity in construction, attention to detail and delivery of the product.
I can say with the utmost confidence that I would not hesitate to recommend VAULT to anyone and everyone that appreciates quality and beauty in design. VAULT delivers because you hold the company standards to not only meet, but EXCEED MY EXPECTATIONS.”



“The cabinets are AWESOME and will bring me years of entertainment. Extremely happy with the quality of the cabinets, think they'll be in good stead till well after my grandchildren are old!! Nice job mate, good packing and product.”

Perth, Australia


“For sure, you were the best construction person I've ever dealt with. All of my questions, budget limit, and ideas of what I expected from you were met. All in all, {we} are very happy with the cabinets. I can give you an emphatic "YES" as to whether I would install your cabinets again. The design and delivery is everything you promised.”

Jacksonville, Florida


“I just want to tell you how impressed we are with your Designer Series cabinets. We actually spent quite a bit of time researching for something that encompassed maximum strength and flexibility and also looked fantastic. VAULT has cracked the code. I just can't say enough great things about your product.

They’re unreal - we all laughed when the cabinets arrived in giant wooden crates and not flimsy cardboard boxes. Our design team and contractors were excited with just how well built and attractive your products are. The shelf supports, alone, are genius. My cars should be finished this well.

I’m glad I invested in VAULT. This is the kind of company and product that makes me feel that artisans are alive and well.

Very well done.”

Gig Harbor, Washington


“UNREAL. And just as I thought they look and operate better than our kitchen cabinets. And that classy VAULT label. PERFECTION!

Thank you and I cannot say enough about the product and the whole process from our 1st conversation up to today.


Essex, Massachusetts


“ALL of the items are EXCEPTIONAL!!!! I could not be more pleased with your products."

Tulsa, Oklahoma


“It has been my experience over the years that you are better off if you have a QUALITY product to work with. It is certainly the case with your cabinets. VERY HAPPY with them! I LOVE these cabinets. Superb quality and the workmanship is SECOND TO NONE. Easily the best cabinets I’ve owned. I would buy from Vault again (and again). Totally pleased.”

Wesley Chapel, Florida


“It's clear that your ultimate goal is client satisfaction. The product is FANTASTIC (especially the rigidness of the doors and drawers) and your process makes the experience (and the waiting) that much better. I look forward to years of enjoyment of our new vault-equipped garage.”

Lake Oswego, Oregon


“We are very happy with the cabinets and service you provided for our recent purchase. The cabinets are the BEST QUALITY I have encountered.”

Sulphur Springs, West Virginia


“Thank you for the EXTREMELY WELL BUILT cabinets. This is "Old World Craftsmanship" that I didn't think was possible to find these days. Not only were your cabinets the best quality that I have ever seen, but your friendly, helpful service was absolutely top notch.”

Everett, Washington


“The cabinets are up and look great ... everything fit together nice and tight. The powder coated finish and stainless steel countertop LOOK INCREDIBLE. Thanks for a GREAT PRODUCT. It was a pleasure speaking with you and doing business with VAULT.”

Everett, Washington


“Your cabinets look EXCELLENT. I know the homeowner is very pleased as I am with how they look and wear. If I have future clients that want that kind of quality I would use your cabinets in a minute.”

— STEVE MISWALD, Homebuilder
Oak Creek, Wisconsin


“Beautiful!!! I love these! Cabinets are in and they are wonderful! Excellent quality & workmanship! Love the white color. My Contractor was totally wowed with them both after he installed them & when he was unpacking the crates! What’s not to like :-)

Rancho Cucamonga, California


The cabinets are hung and they look incredible. The trim carpenters, our builder and architect really like them as well. I wouldn't want to put anything less in [my] garage.
It was a pleasure working with you.”

Zionsville, Indiana


“The custom cabinets that Vault provided for our client was simply amazing. Working with Vault was very professional, especially working with a company that is [located a] long distance. We couldn’t thank you enough for a job well done!”

— RVM Construction, Inc.
Anaheim, California


“I don't typically design garages but this project was a special request from a high-end client. I was excited but didn't know where to begin. Luckily, I found VAULT and with Vault came Chad Haas. Without great people, a great product can go nowhere. Chad and I worked long distance to provide my client with strong, beautiful and functional cabinets and the most fabulous auto-inspired signage I'd ever seen. He guided me, answered email & phone messages promptly and followed up on the order. His passion is evident. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.“

(This review appears on the website

Shillington, Pennsylvania


“Cabinets look amazing. SERIOUSLY AMAZING!!! ATTENTION TO DETAIL IS OVER THE TOP. Truly WORKS OF ART. Your packing alone rivals Apple.

The cabinets EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS in every way. When I started this process, the cabinets were not a primary concern or center piece of my garage. Now, I COULD NOT IMAGINE MY GARAGE WITHOUT THE VAULT CABINETS. They make the garage special! I look at them as a PIECE OF ART TO BE ADMIRED. The color is STUNNING! The construction is EXACTING!

Thank you Chad and the VAULT Team for helping make my dream garage a DREAM!”

Colorado Springs, Colorado


“After sending my initial down payment I had that slight bit of concern many of us have when we mail thousands of dollars to someone we have never meet for something they will send in two months. However, that is where I left most of my concerns. Your constant attention to questions I posed, production of drawings, timelines, and follow-up information told me that there was a professional operation at work here.
There was one nagging issue in the back of my mind, will the cabinets arrive damaged or showing signs of a rushed painting and assembly process? No, those fears started to be allayed when you contacted me to say you was rejecting some of the finished product because of an orange peal effect in the painting and things would be pushed back two weeks. Now I am thinking good, Vault really cares, if this is his level of concern for quality then I only need to now worry about them arriving undamaged. Well, that worry was unnecessary as well, before they arrived you provided me with instructions on how to examine them for damage and each crate would have a number of “shock” monitors to ensure they had not been dropped, wow I was impressed, I could not wait to see them.

That day arrived and I must say THESE CABINETS WERE WORTH EVERY PENNY, I cannot count the number of people that see them and are WOWED BY THE LOOK AND THE QUALITY. I frankly do not know how or where I would have found anything near the quality Vault has provided.

Having established this high level of trust with Vault for my cabinets I became more and more intrigued with some of the “novelty” items Vault offered. Having become very well acquainted with your company during my cabinet building process I started to feel you had a grasp on the level of quality I was looking for from these other items. First I purchased a large neon sign you had in inventory, wow it was great! I knew at this point the finishing touches in my garage could finally come together.

Your company displayed a real and sincere interest in helping me put the garage together in the right way requesting pictures and drawings.
Today, after a large number of cabinets, five custom neon’s, one gas pump, three hand painted glass pictures, one neon art glass clock, a crankshaft lamp and an antique oil display stand later I am done. Everything was engineered, drafted, developed, constructed and shipped by Vault through their extensive network of suppliers from around the globe. I cannot say enough about how proud I am of the items I have purchased from you. I have continued to reflect upon the experience and I keep coming back and summing it up with one word “INTEGRITY”.

Integrity in advertising, integrity for the process and in the treatment of me as the customer, and integrity in construction, attention to detail and delivery of the product.
I can say with the utmost confidence that I would not hesitate to recommend Vault to anyone and everyone that appreciates quality and beauty in design. Vault delivers because you hold the company standards to not only meet, but EXCEED MY EXPECTATIONS.



“Being a design/build firm, we search continuously for vendors that offer the HIGHEST QUALITY and AESTHETICALLY PLEASING products, as well as the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. We were luckily enough to find all with Vault. Having a prior disastrous experience with another garage cabinet manufacturer, we were OVERJOYED with the operations at Vault. Chad is beyond accommodating and very professional. Even more importantly, he was extremely responsive making our job that much easier. There was one minor hiccup (a misplaced shelf), which was handled immediately and beyond our satisfaction.

Our client was EXTREMELY PLEASED (as were we!), and I know that we will definitely be recommending Vault to any client of ours interested in high-end garage cabinetry."

Westport, Connecticut


“We are indeed VERY PLEASED with the cabinets. Everything looks great. Will get you some pictures of the garage with your cabinets and custom lights. She’s a beauty.”

Miami Beach, Florida


“The Azure Blue cabinets are looking good. And thank you for your great customer service! The color just pops in my garage. I’ve received a handful of complements from friends and neighbors already!”

Fresno, California


“Love the cabinets! They are the centerpiece (of my garage) and they look INCREDIBLE! Thanks again for your help.”

Glen Head, New York


“The cabinets are VERY WELL MADE and designed. The (clients) were VERY HAPPY with the product. Thanks for all of your help to coordinate the ordering. Your experience and direction were very important to get the customer to the right place. I will recommend you to the other Mr. Handyman offices around the country when they are looking for a similar product.”

Clark, New Jersey


“I am thrilled. They are eye-candy for my garage! These pieces will be something I will be proud to pass on to the next generation. I am the type of person that wants quality and always have. It means I have fewer items but they last longer, look good and I am proud of them. I would not be the least bit hesitant to being this cabinets into my kitchen.

I always listen to comments men make when they come into my house through the garage. Most have never seen anything this nice. The QUALITY IS BEYOND WHAT I EXPECTED and make my clean garage looks top notch. And, they look great next to my Audi! These cabinets will be passed on to my family for generations. It’s not just a purchase, it’s an investment! Your customer service is something the world could use more of.”

McPherson, Kansas


“Thanks a million for all your hard work and tip top service. We now have the most beautiful garage. From start to finish you quided us along. Your recommendations were right on target. You were always available to assist.”

Dayton, Ohio


“I am very pleased with the final product. The cabinet’s quality, features and look are EXCELLENT.”

Plano, Texas


"I have been familiar with (VAULT) for eight years at least. I am very familiar with (their) product. I've been to Oregon to see it first-hand, worked with VAULT on a few projects, including one going in here next week (in Paradise Valley) and they deliver a FIRST CLASS PRODUCT ... and the HIGH LEVEL OF QUALITY they put into their product(s)."
I knew (the client) didn’t want Baldhead or another metal cabinet just because they were metal and nice. [VAULT] is the top of the pyramid and [this client] wanted to know that he was owning the very best. VAULT really stands that for that; ‘BEING THE TIP OF THE SWORD’ in not having another cabinet that matches it in quality and beauty.”

— BRAD RANDOLPH, Iconic Brand Connection
Phoenix, Arizona speaking on behalf of his client


“So pleased with everything. The cabinets are exactly as you promised (and) maybe even better than they were advertised. You were VERY KNOWLEDGABLE and helpful ... I cannot imagine being as happy with the other choices I was considering.”

Napa, California


“The cabinets and tool boxes are AMAZING! BAD ASS cabinets. I love them.”

Gaithersburg, Maryland


“I LOVE EVERYTHING and am more than pleased with your customer service. You are a gentleman and you follow through. Keep up the good work.”

Pinecrest, Florida


“Cabinets are up and look FANTASTIC. We couldn't be more pleased with the cabinets. They meet our expectations and look EVEN BETTER IN REAL LIFE than the website pictures convey.”

Westfield, New Jersey


“Just wanted to share with you the GREAT experience we had with Vault. Our client owns many different automobile dealerships, so he understands quality cabinets in his garages. We introduced him to Vault and he was impressed with the apparent quality and custom sizes and finishes. Since he is a Ferrari owner, he expected the same high level customer service that is associated with a high-quality product.

With your design help, we ordered your cabinets, they arrived on time and we installed them without a hitch. He is “EXTREMELY HAPPY” with the quality, fit and finish of the cabinets which is “EVEN BETTER THAN EXPECTED”.

As a result of our positive experience, we now proudly offer Vault cabinets to all of our clients.”

Wixom, Michigan


“VAULT cabinets are a masterpiece! YES very happy with the quality of them all, couldn't have come out better.”

Metairie, Louisiana


“I’m naturally (a) skeptical person when it comes to (company’s) making promises and boasting about their quality, customer service, etc. but you have REAL INTEGRITY and actually followed thru with everything you promised. EXTREMELY HAPPY I choose you.”

Fort Meyers, Florida


“I have been truly IMPRESSED with the entire process with VAULT starting with your EXCEPTIONAL responsiveness to my first enquiry through to the satisfaction of seeing the finished article installed in my garage. My installation contractor was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the meticulous way the cabinets were packed - ensuring that they arrived in perfect shape. The finished product is truly a WORK OF ART.”

Houston, Texas


“I wanted to upgrade my man cave garage with high quality cabinets to match the quality of my motorcycle collection. Looking at the VAULT gallery I was immediately taken aback by the beauty and presence of other garages that they’ve helped other enthusiasts create. I had no idea that custom cabinets of this level of quality were available, but quickly found several companies specializing in this area. Being obsessive compulsive and considering the investment I dove into the process and began contacting the various alternatives.

Uncharacteristically and with one telephone call I had Chad the owner of VAULT on the phone who took the time to patiently answer my questions and address my concerns. Needless to say and in my opinion both Chad and VAULT BLEW THE COMPETITION AWAY. The planning process was flawless and the response time was lightning quick. Chad outlined a timeline after which I sent out a deposit check to get the process going. The cabinets arrived on time and as promised. Everything was extremely well crated and protected and my cabinets arrived without a single scratch. My contractor installed the cabinets without a hitch and Voila the centerpiece to my Man Cave was in place.

The CRAFTSMANSHIP and QUALITY of the cabinets are truly AMAZING and I personally consider them to be a PIECE OF ART. My garage would not be the same without them. I would like to sincerely thank Chad and his staff for their PROFESSIONALISM and for bringing me much ENJOYMENT and HAPPINESS.”

Chicago, Illinos


“Pictures obviously don’t do the project justice, as we are ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with the finished product! Everything fit perfectly. We could not be HAPPIER with the cabinets. Your CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE (design through delivery) were AWESOME! I recommend you to anyone interested in this type of product.

Princeville, Illinois


“We are very happy with the quality of the cabinets. Thank you for the opportunity to get some AMAZING cabinets.”

Burr Oak Lodge of Eagle, Nebraska


“We are very happy with everything you’ve done for us. They look AMAZING. Thanks for everything.”

Chatham, New Jersey


“Received my VAULT cabinets and wanted to let you know that they are TOP-NOTCH. Very IMPRESSED with the quality. I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for and glad that I went with your cabinets. The doors on the Armoire’s are VERY IMPRESSIVE. My company makes stainless steel cases for the food and beverage industry, so we know what it takes to make something this well.”

Owner of Gladden Equipment in Tracy, California


“The cabinets are BEAUTIFUL! I love them. Of course you knew that already.”

Vancouver, Washington


“We are extremely pleased with the quality and beauty of the cabinets. The workmanship is top-notch and I also appreciate your attention to detail and excellent customer service. The bright red cabinets look spectacular and sleek in this showcase garage, and I'm very glad we chose Vault for this more than exceeded our expectations!”

AIA Architect practicing in San Francisco, CA


“We absolutely love the new garage cabinets. You guys are terrific craftsmen! We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND these cabinets to anyone!!”

Menlo Park, California


“Vault cabinets made the new garage a show piece. After working for the last two years with a local metal artist, I can attest to the cabinets being the FINEST around. Materials, fit and finish are IMPRESSIVE. Unlike the cabinet’s from the big warehouse stores, Vault cabinets are STRONGER and MUCH BETTER CONSTRUCTED. Cheaper cabinets look poor when the dents hit. Everyone passing by the cabinets comments on the quality. Worth the wait and definitely worth the cost.”

Manhattan Beach, California


“The cabinets have arrived and been installed; and I must say they look GREAT. EXCELLENT QUALITY on the manufacture, no flaws or imperfections anywhere. And the finish is OUTSTANDING, the cabinets make the room. As for strength and durability, our expectations are high based on the materials and craftsmanship.”

San Francisco University High School


“The Bakersfield Fire Department has been VERY PLEASED with your product and customer service. We are more than happy to share with anyone asking about our experience. Please feel free to direct any inquires to me.

City of Bakersfield, California Fire Department


“As happy as I could be. Cabinets look great and your customer service was/is OUTSTANDING.”

Washington, DC


“The cabinets are just AWESOME!”

Houston, TX


“Jim (the client) is VERY happy! The cabinets look FANTASTIC and once we get some of the other things wrapped up on his project he will probably order a few more cabinets.

Hope to be able to spec your product again soon.”

Formula Five Design/Architecture Inc. - New Albany, Ohio


“Your product is FANTASTIC and I'm getting almost every day some compliments. The QUALITY and LOOK is UNBEATABLE.
Thanks again for everything.”

Osprey, Florida


“The cabinets look AWESOME and are of GREAT QUALITY.”

Southampton, New York


“The cabinets are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe all of the room I have to store items in the armoires! When I pull into my garage, I still can't get over how AWESOME they look! Thank you so much for helping me select cabinets within my budget. They are very HIGH QUALITY! I get so many compliments on them! I am SUPER HAPPY with the armoires! Thank you again!”

Greensburg, Pennsylvania


It is without any reservation that we wholeheartedly recommend VAULT to anyone looking to design and furnish their garage. We worked directly with the company founder Chad Haas, whose experience in dealing with customers and with the knowledge and capabilities that his organization provided, made our dream garage a reality.

Chad is a man who stands by his word and is committed to provide his customers with exactly what they want in premium construction of custom garage cabinetry. His ability to talk through the design process with me and provide visualizations, made the effort to finalize our garage a very pleasant experience.

It is obvious to us that VAULT is ethical, honest and their employees hardworking, and that they stand behind their products, making sure the customer is completely satisfied even after the project is finished. Let me give an example: after our initial installation we could not make two filler panels fit in our made-to-measure space; VAULT handled that matter in a very polite and professional manner – something that is becoming increasingly rare in this world.

If you have any questions about who you should use to provide your custom garage showroom, you would be well served to talk to VAULT. You will leave as a satisfied customer!!”

Houston, Texas


“Pretty damn STUNNING!”

Larkspur, California


“Everything looks AWESOME! BEAUTIFUL cabinets! Thanks again Chad! Your customer service is AMAZING and I really appreciate working with you.”

San Juan Island, Washington


“The cabinets look AWESOME. My contractor didn’t believe the hype. He’s now AMAZED after seeing them in person. He COULDN’T BELIEVE they were (your) entry level.”

Paradise Valley, Arizona


“I researched cabinets for months checking craftsmanship, pricing and reviews. Very exhausting process. I wanted to dress up my garage for the lowest cost, instead I chose CRAFTSMANSHIP and PROFESSIONALISM over pricing. I chose VAULT. [The owner] Chad takes a lot of pride in his work, as well as making the sure his customers are involved all the way from the design to the delivery. I had buyer’s remorse from the price point, but when my cabinets were delivered I got over that quick. They are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and designed for a perfect fit. Everyone that comes into the garage are in total AWE. My recommendation is buy VAULT.”

Friendswood, Texas


“[VAULT] … has a performance goal that everything the company delivers will last [a] lifetime. Quality is the raison d’être of everything in the VAULT catalogs … [offering] a line of product from which you can create the garage of your dreams.”



“No one does a garage like VAULT®, which can be best thought of as the Williams-Sonoma of garage design.”