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From art galleries to high-end restaurants, the best spaces pay close attention to lighting. This is because the lighting arrangement (the number and kind of lights, their power, and their placement) can have a profound affect on the mood of a space and the way you perceive objects within that space.

As home and business owners have begun to pay more attention to their garages, shops, and barns, they’ve come to recognize the value of creating a high-quality, customized lighting experience in these spaces. One that allows them to shape a defined mood and showcase the automobiles and other treasures they worked so hard to obtain and maintain. Others, though, will fill their space with classic cars and luxury furnishings only to subject them to harsh, unflattering, or insufficient lighting.

Lighting Solutions Customized to Your Space

This is where VAULT® comes in. We customize lighting solutions for your garage, shop, business, or barn by determining the exact number, kind, and placement of luminaires (lighting fixtures) that will best achieve your lighting goals. We begin by understanding the exact needs of the space, accounting for variables such as ceiling height, surface coverings, floor coatings, and permanent structures such as support columns or auto lifts.

For more complex projects, we undertake a more extensive lighting study using laser measurements and three-dimensional imaging. The result of our efforts is a fully customized blueprint for lighting your space to achieve the results you’re after.

The Same Lighting Used by Luxury Auto Brands

Since each project presents unique needs, VAULT® relies on exceptional luminaires produced by multiple high-end manufacturers. Coupling great lighting products with our expertise, our lighting solutions are able to produce the same lighting conditions chosen by the showrooms and dealerships of Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, and Maserati.


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VAULT® lighting solutions typically start around $2000, and then rise accordingly based on the customer’s space and needs. If you’re ready to discuss your lighting project and see what VAULT® custom lighting solutions can do for you, contact us today for your free lighting consultation.

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