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“Bad Ass Cabinets!”

“Bad Ass Cabinets!”

Here is what our client, Mike Harbaugh of Gaithersburg, Maryland, had to say about his ‘Starlight Black’ Professional Series cabinets and tool chests:

“The cabinets and tool boxes are amazing. BAD ASS cabinets. I love them. Thanks!”

And from Mike’s wife Lesli:

“Thank you again for your help. The cabinets are beautiful.”

At VAULT® we manufacture handcrafted custom metal cabinets exactly the way our clients want them configured. Mike ordered these cabinets with custom keyed-alike
locks and oversized 14-gauge thickness brushed stainless steel countertops which weighed a ton when they left the factory and ought to take a beating.

Our clients often call their VAULT® cabinets ‘Amazing’ and ‘Beautiful’, but learn more why are cabinets are also exceptionally functional and durable to last a lifetime of use.