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GAUGING THE QUALITY OF METAL CABINETRY – Looking Beyond the Thickness of the Metal

GAUGING THE QUALITY OF METAL CABINETRY – Looking Beyond the Thickness of the Metal

One question frequently asked by our customers is, “What gauge metal are your cabinets?” While metal gauge – or thickness – is certainly a factor when evaluating a cabinet’s quality, it’s by no means the most important factor. What really matters is how a cabinet is designed and how it is built.

A general rule of thumb is the lower the number the gauge, the thicker the metal, and therefore the stronger the material. Gauge alone, however, may not get you very far in terms of the top-shelf strength and quality you are seeking. In reality, how parts are designed and engineering, and what raw materials are used have more to do with the strength and durability of a cabinet.

The Underlying Question: Will They Last?

In our experience, when customers get fixated on gauge thickness what they really want to know is how durable and strong the cabinets are. How will they hold up over time? Are the drawers, glides, and shelves strong enough to hold the desired weight? Is the metal strong enough to resist scratches, dents, bending and twisting? Does the cabinet feel robust and sturdy? Will the finish stand up well to use?

Factors you will contribute and are questions you may want to consider when making a decision:

  • Because not all metals of the same thickness are created equal, what metal cabinets are made from is very important. Stainless steel, for example, that is the same thickness (gauge) as aluminum is going to be substantially stronger. Read more about metal choice.
  • Are parts engineered for strength instead of cost?
  • Double-walled construction instead of single-walled.
  • Stiffening flanges to reinforce panels to bring it up to the required strength instead of single panel construction. It also provides for sound deadening.
  • How are parts joined? Welded parts are stronger than fastened parts. Even fastener choice is important with screws and bolts stronger than pop rivets.

Unmatched Strength Means Unwavering Confidence

These are just a few of the ways VAULT builds strength and durability into every product. Our premium-grade stainless steel drawers can hold an astounding 225lbs with no fatigue. Each shelf can hold 400lbs with no fatigue. You may wonder if you will ever place that kind of weight in your cabinets. The reason we build them to this level of quality is make them less susceptible to being dented and scratched through normal wear-and-tear and to ensure you have peace of mind that your cabinets will last a lifetime of use in your garage. You’ll never have to worry about overloading your shelves, your drawers coming out of alignment, or your doors being damaged through everyday use.

If you’re shopping for metal cabinetry for your home garage or professional shop, take a minute to consider which quality and performance characteristics are most important to you. Is the aesthetic design most important, or durability? Is price important? Is rust or oxidation a concern? Or, is the long-term performance of the cabinet your main focus?

Unmatched Quality, Unmatched Service

If your answer is that you want everything – beauty, strength, durability, and value – you’ve come to the right place. Simply put, VAULT makes the most durable, well-built metal garage cabinet in the world. And our customer satisfaction is unmatched.

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