Luxury Garage Cabinets and Garage Furnishings by Vault



Don Cooper knows a thing or two about longevity. His family has been in Orland Park, Illinois, for 160 years. In 1956, his father started Cooper Service Inc., which Don operates 60 years later. Over the last few decades, he’s learned that an unwavering commitment to quality work and customer service is the key combination for prolonged success. And as a result, he’s learned to tell the difference between something that will last and something that won’t.


It’s no surprise, then, that when Don went shopping for cabinets for his personal shop/garage he wasn’t going to settle for poor quality. He looked at Moduline brand cabinets, and came away unimpressed. He looked at the Home Depot “Guardian” line, which he described simply as “junk.” He looked at Baldhead’s cabinets and just shrugged, underwhelmed. But then he found VAULT®, and the game changed. Stacking Baldhead next to Vault, the choice was clear:

“It was kind of like looking at a Kia versus a Lexus.”

Once Don found the level of quality he was after, he put Vault’s customer service to the test. Don brought his own layout ideas to the table and worked directly with Vault’s owner, Chad Haas, to shape everything until it was right:

“Chad was great to work with. Very informative in his design. I gave him the layout of my garage and what I wanted to accomplish, and he changed my mind on some things. I think the changes that he made – and I think I’m pretty good at laying things out – what he did was definitely a plus… I don’t regret changing what I did.”


And what Don ended up with is, according to him, equal parts great cabinet and great art:

“It is not only is it a great looking cabinet – it’s a well-made cabinet.”

For his home shop – a “toy box” where he keeps snowmobiles, ATVs, and other equipment – Don and Chad laid out a row of about 20 pieces, a combination of chests, cabinets, and armoires. In terms of design, Don has been most taken by the function and strength of the pieces. He loves the fact that they float off the ground, allowing for adjustable counter height and underneath storage and cleanup. As far as the quality of the drawers, Don was pretty
clear where he stood:

“Their drawers work nicer than the $10,000 toolboxes that I have [at Cooper Automotive].”

Finally, though, there’s the weight-bearing strength of the shelves, which includes multiple wall units:

“For the weight we put in drawers, for the stuff I put on my countertops… you’d think that hanging from the wall that if you put weight on there it’s going to tweak these cabinets, where doors won’t want to open or it’ll bind things up. And it doesn’t happen.”

While the function and strength of Vault cabinets impresses our clients, it’s often the look that really stops them in their tracks. Don went with the classic Ferrari Red, which to his eye matched the look of old-school shop toolboxes. The quality of the finish simply blew him away: “I mean, it’s an automotive finish… I wax them like it would be my car.” What our clients often like most, though, is the mesmerizing effect Vault cabinets have on their houseguests. “Everybody walks into my garage, and they just go, wow,” says Don. “It’s a WOW factor, it really is.” Party guests that sneak a look at his garage are known to remark, “This is nicer than my house.” The Ferrari finish and stainless steel handles are a show-stopper, but Don is quick to point out the function and quality underneath:

“It’s a nice set up,” he says. “And to be honest with you, I have a business — that would be a cabinet that I would not be afraid to put in my shop… From a work standpoint, that cabinet can take the abuse of a production shop.”

Style and function. Vault offers the best of both worlds.


At this point, Don has had his cabinets for almost a year. “I’ve had no issues whatsoever,” he says.

“I’m amazed… Their craftsmanship, their quality is phenomenal.”

Looking back, Don is also grateful that Chad worked with him to get the design right the first time: “I think it was money well spent. I don’t have to spend it again to straighten it out.”

Keeping these statements in mind – and knowing that he’s already got his eye on a couple more VAULT armoires to add to the shop – it’s not hard to guess the nature of the advice Don is ready to share where garage cabinets are concerned. He’s thoroughly pro-Vault, and thinks you should be too if you value quality, service, and durability:

“If price is the only thing that’s important, you’re probably going to purchase a different line. If you’re looking for the ultimate quality that I think will look just as good ten years from now as it does today, I would pick VAULT. I mean, the construction, the beefiness – for the cabinet to hang on the wall like it does and for the weight that they’ll take and for the fit, the quality. My cabinets, I’ve had them in for a year, and they look like the day I put them up.”

We’re so proud to have the endorsement of someone who’s made a career of looking people in the eye and delivering top-quality work, job after job, year after year. At Vault, we strive for the same level of craftsmanship and customer service – every customer, every cabinet, every time. We’re not the least expensive garage cabinet craftsmen out there, but if you stack our work and service up against the competition it will be clear as day why. Don’s not going to lie to you – Vault will be the last garage cabinet you’ll ever buy. Until, of course, you can’t help but order more.