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The Best Metal Cabinets in the World

The Best Metal Cabinets in the World

Who other than a new VAULT® customer would actually go through this much effort to document their joy and adulation of owning our cabinets? Only VAULT® customers have this amount of passion for our incomparable products.

After purchasing two other competitor products and feeling unsatisfied, what is this client’s opinion of our Designer Series cabinets?

They are the “Best Cabinets in the World!” proudly proclaimed Christian Drothler of Greenville, South Carolina. And, as you can see, super easy to
install. After our hanger brackets are firmly secured to the wall, hanging our cabinets is as easy as hanging a picture frame.

Here is Christian’s quick summary of the video:

“This is just a quick edit to share with friends and family! There is a lot more to come to share the install and joy of the World’s Best Cabinets!
They are truly amazing! Thank you very much!!!!!”.

Getting to know you as our customer has been an immense pleasure Chrisitan. As much pleasure as you have for your purchase of our cabinets we have received in collaborating and serving you. Everyone here is just so happy and proud by your positive response and kind comments. Thank you!

All VAULT® cabinet products are manufactured in the United States in an ISO 9001 certified factory to ensure consistent quality.

If you want the same experience as all other VAULT® customers, please contact us today.