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Wyeth Tires Porcelain Curved Advertising Sign

Wyeth Tires Porcelain Curved Advertising Sign

Realizing that some of the rarest, most beautiful porcelain advertising signs ever designed may never be acquirable, VAULT® has created a very limited
collection of hand-built originals of some of the world’s most sought-after classics. Like this Wyeth Tires sign featuring the whimsical image of a
young motorist wearing a duster emblazoned with the Wyeth coat of arms sits inside a stack of three tires. In 2013, an original Wyeth Tires curved
sign sold for $32,000 at auction.

A client recently commissioned VAULT® to handcraft a Wyeth Tires porcelain sign. Using an original sign as our guide, the process and materials that were used to create the very limited production of only three (3) porcelain sign is virtually unchanged from those that were used by the original manufacturer.

Much time and effort was put into creating an incomparable re-creation of a historic vintage sign that otherwise would never have been previously possible to display. In creating these signs, we hope to promote appreciation and preservation a golden age of American advertising. This is the last available sign of the limited edition set of only three signs and once it is sold, they will never be made again, adding to their future collectability.

Like everything we do that is made at VAULT®, this sign was handcrafted with pride by artisans here in the United States of America.



We will always endeavor at VAULT® to maintain the highest level of craftsmanship in making great products that are extraordinary and unequaled in terms of their quality. Learn more about custom porcelain signs and custom neon sign.

Look for more exciting limited production gas, oil and beer porcelain advertising signs in the near future.