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A Tribute To Classic Neon Advertising Signs

Authentic, updated, replica’s of american classics.

Antique neon advertising signs are collected and displayed as treasures of roadside Americana, symbolizing an exuberant era in our nation’s history that is both threatened and prized. From the 1920s to the 1950s, most streets along Main Street were lit under their warm colorful glow. For many, these charming signs bring back fond memories of an age when life was simpler and grander. Nothing else seems to inspire passion or bring back vivid memories quite like neon.

Today these beautiful signs are pursued by collectors, displayed in museums and even restored to bring charm back to main street America. With so few surviving pieces, values for these highly coveted antiques have escalated to unprecedented levels of value.

Realizing that some of the rarest, most beautiful advertising signs ever designed may never be acquirable; VAULT® has created a limited collection of new hand-built originals of some of the world’s most sought-after classics.


Committed to offering the finest advertising signs in the world, no expense has been spared in meticulously handcrafting our “Collector Series” signs to their original specifications. Each sign represents a detailed & meticulous “reverse engineering” where we figure out how something was made working backwards from the finished parts. The process took five years of research and wasn’t always easy, especially since some skills originally used to produce these signs are virtually lost arts today.

Paying close attention to the original design, materials and manufacturing techniques as possible, each Collector Series sign is built entirely by hand by skilled artisans utilizing premium components that have been either sourced from original suppliers or recreated.

Unlike inferior reproductions which use spray-painted artwork and thin aluminum face panels, we avoided cutting corners in favor of faithfully recreating the same porcelain enameling processes used on original signs. The vibrant artwork is not paint at all, but rather finely ground glass crystals which, when kiln fired at 1350 degrees fuse to heavy-gauge steel panels. Porcelains brilliant colors, durable finish and incredible resistance to weather & fading made it the standard for outdoor advertising.

A dying art form today, this process is considerably more labor and cost intensive, as the artwork is hand-applied by the artist and fired separately, one color at a time. The end result however, is historically accurate, and in many cases, indistinguishable, from originals.

Likewise, the process of crafting our neon is as much of an art-form as the finished product itself.

Glass tubing is heated under flame to a malleable state by skilled artisan’s who use their hands to feel the heat and the degree of softening in the glass at just the right moment to carefully shape into graphics or lettering. With the form shaped and the glass still soft, the tube bender gently blows into the tubing to return it to its original diameter, before it can be filled with noble gases.

No small detail has been overlooked as brass tube supports and fasteners maintain the original vintage appearance. Here again, there are cheaper alternatives, but none as accurate to the originality.


These famous signs are now available again new, incorporating the latest in electronic technology and manufacturing processes to provide you peace of mind of a new product that has a full factory warranty at a price that is less than vintage equivalents. All Collector Series signs meet UL and code requirements for interior neon signs.

Like all great works of art, the process of creation takes time. Signs will initially be offered in very limited quantities to assure the highest possible quality, customer satisfaction and future collectability. Each sign is sequentially numbered and comes with a brass tag to add to their collectability.

Built-to-order for each client, each sign takes approximately six weeks to handcraft.


If you have an idea for a custom one-of-a-kind porcelain neon sign that you would like to commission us to reproduce, contact our design team at VAULT® at (866) 828-5810 to discuss your project.