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What Does The ‘Gateway Arch’ In St. Louis Have In Common With Vault Cabinets?

What Does The ‘Gateway Arch’ In St. Louis Have In Common With Vault Cabinets?

Garage storage cabinets, whether they are used to store hand tools, power tools, gardening equipment, sporting goods equipment, paint, Rubbermaid containers, boxes, cleaning supplies or automobile products, requires a much different, higher, level of construction quality than can be found in kitchen or closet cabinets.

The garage is a harsh environment where extreme temperature and humidity changes can wreak havoc on cabinets. It is also a place within the home where bulkier, heavier items tend to be stored. In many cases, there are items, such as gardening equipment, sporting goods equipment and automobile items that are exclusively stored in the garage and nowhere else.

Shelves must be built adequately to accommodate the weight load demands of heavy items such as 5-gallon buckets, cans of paint, boxes and other bulky items. Drawers must be built to stand up to the abuse from more frequent opening and closing and operate smoothly while being weighted down with heavy items such as hand tools and power tools.

Certain raw materials are better choices than others from which to build storage cabinets from to provide clients with the best return-on-investment. Across the board, stainless steel is the most popular choice for what buyers look for in home kitchen appliances for a reason: it is beautiful to look at,
it is well known for its excellent combination of long life, corrosion resistance and ease of maintenance. It is also unrivaled in its strength characteristics; whereas aluminum is a soft metal that is easy to dent and scratch, stainless steel has a very high tensile strength that make it one of the most durable raw material choices. You may be surprised to know that the ‘Gateway Arch’, which defines the skyline in St. Louis, Missouri, is clad in 304-grade stainless steel. Construction of the Arch was completed in 1965 and after almost 50 years of being exposed to the elements it is proof to the time-tested endurance of 304-grade stainless steel.

VAULT® selects only the highest quality materials available to build our world-class Professional Series and Designer Series storage cabinets, which is why we are the only manufacturer in North America that handcrafts metal cabinets from Premium-Grade 304 stainless steel.

Our premium-grade stainless steel drawers easily accommodate an extreme amount of weight up to 225lbs without any noticeable fatigue in their operation.

Our heavy-duty stainless steel shelves will accommodate 400lbs of weight per shelf with no fatigue.

If you desire a metal cabinet that will give you the best return on investment long-term, no other raw material can beat 304-grade stainless steel.

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