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VAULT Designed and Furnished Garage in Minnesota Appears in Robb Report

VAULT Designed and Furnished Garage in Minnesota Appears in Robb Report

[An overview of this project has been reprinted with permission of Robb Report. A hand-written testimonial, which appears below this article, which we received from this client was also reprinted with his permission.]

Scott needed a hobby. At least, that was his wife’s opinion a few years ago. So, at her urging, the 51-year-old gave it some thought. He came to the conclusion that his passion in life is cars and he decided to build a 1,200-square-foot garage adjacent to his home near Minneapolis, Minnesota that would reflect that interest. However, he discovered long ago that he’s not the type to pop the hood and get his fingers greasy, so he didn’t need a real working man’s garage. “I came to the determination that I’m not the kind of guy who’s going to rebuild a car,” he says. “I do my better thinking when I’m on the road, rather than sitting behind a desk, so I want something that I can just get in and drive”.

To reflect that lifestyle, Scott hired a local artist to paint pastoral road and racetrack scenes as murals on the interior of his three garage doors.
Scott also wanted an “old-world feel” with modern elements, “which he achieved by using stone and exposed wooden beams and by incorporating two vintage­ styled gas pumps and a few neon signs designed and built by VAULT .”I preferred to go with one or two high-quality pumps than to collect a number of pumps that were less interesting visually. I don’t have a lot of room in there, so I wanted to make sure that what I brought in was of a certain quality.”

But Scott also wanted to include items that he remembered from his childhood, like a Clay Smith Cams woodpecker sign and an arcade-style, bubble hockey game. “They were things that I always admired and wanted as a kid and finally could afford to buy, ” Scott says of the accent pieces that now decorate his garage. “So I guess I never grew up entirely.”

With an adjoining room that houses a billiard table and a large-screen television, Scott finds that he spends plenty of time in the garage, much to
his wife’s chagrin. However, he does acknowledge that his wife had a hand in its design and loves how the space turned out. “Everything that she did added to the garage and, quite frankly, I don’t know that I would’ve done quite as good a job,” he says. “It’s probably nicer than I ever envisioned.”


[This written letter was reprinted with the client’s permission.]

Dear Mr. Haas,

Nearly eighteen months ago I began researching high quality cabinets for my detached car garage. It was not an easy process, finding, sorting and defining the multitude of quality cabinets on the internet, in magazines and at various wholesalers. As I continued to triangulate recurring quality observations (things such as fit, finish, durability and “eye candy appeal” VAULT continued to be at the top.

After sending my initial down payment I had that slight bit of concern many of us have when we mail thousands of dollars to someone we have never meet for something they will send in two months. However, that is where I left most of my concerns. Your constant attention to questions I posed, production of drawings, timelines, and follow-up information told me that there was a professional operation at work here.

There was one nagging issue in the back of my mind, will the cabinets arrive damaged or showing signs of a rushed painting and assembly process? No, those fears started to be allayed when you contacted me to say you was rejecting some of the finished product because of an orange peel effect in the painting and things would be pushed back two weeks. Now I am thinking good, VAULT really cares, if this is his level of concern for quality then I only need to now worry about them arriving undamaged. Well, that worry was unnecessary as well, before they arrived you provided me with instructions on how to examine them for damage and each crate would have a number of “shock” monitors to ensure they had not been dropped, wow I was impressed, I could not wait to see them.

That day arrived and I must say THESE CABINETS WERE WORTH EVERY PENNY, I cannot count the number of people that see them and are WOWED BY THE LOOK AND THE QUALITY. I frankly do not know how or where I would have found anything near the quality VAULT has provided.

Having established this high level of trust with VAULT for my cabinets I became more and more intrigued with some of the “novelty” items VAULT offered. Having become very well acquainted with your company during my cabinet building process I started to feel you had a grasp on the level of quality I was looking for from these other items. First I purchased a large neon sign you had in inventory, wow it was great! I knew at this point the finishing touches in my garage could finally come together.

Your company displayed a real and sincere interest in helping me put the garage together in the right way requesting pictures and drawings.

Today, after a large number of cabinets, five custom neon’s, one gas pump, three hand painted glass pictures, one neon art glass clock, a crankshaft lamp and an antique oil display stand later I am done. Everything was engineered, drafted, developed, constructed and shipped by VAULT through their extensive network of suppliers from around the globe. I cannot say enough about how proud I am of the items I have purchased from you. I have continued to reflect upon the experience and I keep coming back and summing it up with one word “INTEGRITY”. Integrity in advertising, integrity for the process and in the treatment of me as the customer, and integrity in construction, attention to detail and delivery of the product.

I can say with the utmost confidence that I would not hesitate to recommend VAULT to anyone and everyone that appreciates quality and beauty in design. VAULT delivers because you hold the company standards to not only meet, but EXCEED MY EXPECTATIONS.