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TOP 5 MISTAKES IN GARAGE DESIGN: #5 – Making a Decision Under Duress

TOP 5 MISTAKES IN GARAGE DESIGN: #5 – Making a Decision Under Duress

If you skimp on any aspect of your project, whether it is because of your budget or needing to meet a deadline, inevitably, it is these decision that always come back to haunt you later. In almost all cases, in retrospect clients wish that they had been more patient or waited a bit longer until they could afford their ideal choice. Those clients who skimp or rush their decision making because they did not allow enough time or money always seem to regret going with their second choice, which inevitably is something of lesser quality, but may be readily available.

It is a very common story to hear homeowners explain that they went with a particular garage cabinet or floor coating because it could be installed quickly, only to find out that these products were inferior and did not give them a satisfactory return on their investment.

The best decision is to stay true to your vision and if your project gets delayed a short period as a result, because you need a larger budget, need time to research options or the product has to be special-ordered or custom-built, then so be it. After all, what do a few extra weeks or months mean to your project when you will be enjoying your garage for the life of your home?

In the end, doing your research, planning your project and saving up until you can get exactly what you want will bring you more satisfaction and create less headaches.  Never rush a decision on a new home construction or home improvement project.