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TOP 5 MISTAKES IN GARAGE DESIGN: #4 – Mix-and-Matching Conflicting Styles

TOP 5 MISTAKES IN GARAGE DESIGN: #4 – Mix-and-Matching Conflicting Styles

Projects that mix-and-match products and brands that have conflicting styles do not necessarily work well together if they at-odds with the colors, style and design of the garage and/or home. 

The best example of conflicting styles are garage doors. Just because the opening to a garage door entrance is a standard size does not mean it deserves a standard, cookie-cutter door that is indistinguishable from all of the other doors in the neighborhood. Doors should embody the personality of their owner and the style of the home. A garage door that might be appropriate on a Cape Cod-style home, may not necessarily be appropriate on a Craftsman home and vice-versa. Yet too often it is common to view the same garage door used in the same development.

Distinguishing your home with a look of individuality with a door that maintains architectural harmony and continuity with the style of your home with add significant to its curb appeal.

This ‘After’ picture of new wood carriage doors from Designer Doors shows how the beauty of a home can be accentuated when its garage doors maintain architectural harmony with the rest of the home.

Designer Doors, a River Falls, Wisconsin garage door manufacturer has written a nice article about this topic which you may read on their blog at: