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TOP 5 MISTAKES IN GARAGE DESIGN: #2 – Selecting a Feature that is “Trendy”

TOP 5 MISTAKES IN GARAGE DESIGN: #2 – Selecting a Feature that is “Trendy”

It is hard to predict what home design trends are going to remain timeless and stay in fashion or which ones are short-term trends will go down in history as mistakes. Design trends come and go and what may be fashionable and trendy today might very well be out of fashion tomorrow.

In the 1950s & 1960’s, Victorian fixtures, such as claw-foot tubs, were ripped out in favor of bright colors, vinyl and modern, sleek lines that was popular during the Atomic Age. Now those Victorian fixtures are now high demand and command high prices. The reason is because that era of design is timeless and transcends generations.

And remember when Avocado colored tile, vanities, toilets and baths were all the rage? In the 1980’s those fixtures and colors were eschewed as outdated symbols of an ugly, bygone era.

Diamond plate is a current example of a design that is presently ‘trendy’ and whose form is being used just about everywhere. But what happens if diamond plate suddenly becomes outdated and no longer fashionable?

What May Be ‘Trendy’ Today, Could Quickly Go Out of Vogue Tomorrow

The best choice is to select an elegant, timeless design over something that is ‘current’ or ‘trendy’. “You know that you’ve achieved a great design if whatever decisions you make will look great 40 or 50 years later. That’s my guiding principle”, advises VAULT Founder Chad Haas, when thinking about design decisions for your garage and home.