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“Ten Years On, It’s All Just Perfect” – VAULT Cabinets Ace the Boathouse Test

“Ten Years On, It’s All Just Perfect” – VAULT Cabinets Ace the Boathouse Test

We ship our VAULT® garage cabinets all over the world, where they’re subsequently installed in all kinds of challenging settings. You’ll find our tool chests and armoires and wall cabinets on Alaskan oil rigs, in garages in the arid Middle East, and storing scuba equipment in Turks and Caicos. These cabinets have taken the best of what these harsh environments have to dish out and keep on excelling year after year.

As such, we were delighted – but not necessarily surprised – to hear from a past client in Oregon whose VAULT® cabinets have out-performed expectations after a decade in an especially harsh setting. John McDonald’s contractor at MCM Construction in Lake Oswego turned him onto VAULT® cabinets ten years ago when John was remodeling his lakeside boathouse. Not only is this an inherently high-humidity environment, but according to John the cabinets also get quite a bit of collateral splash when he’s hosing down his boat or the boathouse walls. But despite these conditions, John says, ten years later the cabinets still look fresh-out-of-the-crate:

It’s been amazing how well they’ve held up. Honestly, they look brand new. There’s not a mark on them and they don’t rust. I mean, it’s just been incredible.

The Durability Formula: Unrivaled Design + Unrivaled Materials

The pressing question, then, is how do they survive so long and so well? The short part of the answer is that VAULT® cabinets are easy to clean, so you can use preemptive measures to ward off corrosion. When we spoke to John, he pointed out the ease with which he can wipe down the cabinets after they’ve been splashed. But ease of cleaning is only part of the reason our cabinets persevere and exceed the expectations consumers have built from
their disappointing experiences with other, inferior cabinet lines.

So here’s the longer part of the answer: VAULT® is the only made-in-the-USA manufacturer of garage cabinetry that only builds using Premium-Grade 304 stainless steel or Galvanized Steel, the highest quality materials available. But these are more than high-strength metals that are easy to clean and resistant to dents – they are also the best raw materials for resisting rust and corrosion. Therefore, they respond exceptionally well in high-humidity or corrosive environments, whether that’s a boathouse, a garage, an offshore rig or a surf shop.

The Choice of Industry Pros and Homeowners Alike

This is just one reason why John’s contractor and countless other architects, builders and designers love VAULT®, and why John and the other homeowners these pros confidently steer in our direction remain in awe years after initial installation. But we’ll let John tell you himself:

You can’t go wrong with these VAULT® cabinets. They’re just incredible, they’re beautiful, and they just last. They way they open, the hinges, everything… ten years on it’s all just perfect.

So there you have it. Whether you want to install VAULT® cabinets in a climate-controlled car museum or a lakeside boathouse open to the elements, the elegance, strength and durability of VAULT® cabinets will enhance your space and out-perform your expectations, and then some. From Alaska to the Caribbean, from Oregon to Dubai, VAULT® cabinets meet every challenge they’re presented with – day after day, year after year, decade after decade.

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