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Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Powder coating is one of the most durable, and beautiful, protective coatings available for metal surfaces. It’s look is elegant and it’s durability to withstand wear, hot, cold and humidity, make powder coated metal surfaces vastly superior to wood and aluminum surfaces.

There is a wide range of powder coated finishes that are available in metal cabinets ranging from the lowest cost options of a matte-finish to a high-gloss surface like a high gloss black that can transform the cabinet surface and give it the appearance of a baby grand piano. As far as options for finishes, customers can choose from a variety of texture depths, wrinkled, veined, or smooth. Generally speaking, textured finished surfaces will be more difficult to clean, because contaminants such as grease, for example, will embed itself in the rough surface of the cabinet. Versus a smooth surface that is very easy to clean.

WHAT OTHER METAL CABINET MANUFACTURERS OFFER: Most metal cabinet manufacturers use a rough, textured finish on their cabinets because it is the lowest cost type of powder to apply. Textured powder also allows the manufacturer to hide defects underneath the paint surface. In some cases, even a lower-quality metal can be disguised because the textured powder will hide it.

THE VAULT® DIFFERENCE: Every part on a VAULT® cabinet is the result of careful consideration to every detail. Parts are hand-finished before being powder coated to ensure the surfaces are smooth and consistent. Because even the smallest imperfection can show through our finish, all visible surfaces are painstakingly critiqued. Only VAULT® offers clients a smooth automotive-quality finish on all exterior surfaces, with the added benefit of incredible corrosion and abrasion resistance. Our highly reflective, deep luxurious set our cabinets from any other in the world.