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One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

They say that ‘One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words’. One look at our Professional Series line of metal cabinets and tool chests will prove that no
other company in the world can match VAULT® for being the most well-made metal cabinet in the world.

Ever buy something sight unseen and it does not live up to your expectations? Take one look at this suite of stunning cabinetry and you’ll see why although other companies try to mimic the look our look (and even have the audacity to name their product similarly) no one match the VAULT® difference.

Why settle for something plain and average, when you can own the exceptional?

This is what the builder for this Irving, California client has to say:

“This particular home is toured often by residents and buyers looking for ideas for their own garages. The owners were so pleased with the VAULT cabinets at their other home that they aren’t considering any other avenues. They would be happy to keep your color samples and a maybe some advertisement cards in a drawer to hopefully spread the word. I am attaching some pictures of the last project that you are free to use.”

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For more than a decade, VAULT® founder Chad Haas has been designing and furnishing the world’s finest garages and creating distinctive one-of-a-kind garage environments that have been featured on television (HGTV, DIY, CNBC and BBC) and print (Robb Report, DuPont Registry, Auto Aficionado) media.

No other company in the world is capable of matching VAULT’s design expertise and custom capabilities to furnish your garage so that there will not be another one like it anywhere in the world.

Contact Chad Haas at (310) 622-4477 to make your dream a reality.