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Matching Garage Cabinets to Custom Garage Flooring

Matching Garage Cabinets to Custom Garage Flooring

Our client in Southampton, New York, is thrilled with his custom garage remodel. We hand-selected the matte finish on his Professional Series garage cabinets to match the elegant porcelain floor tiles that were also a part of VAULT®‘s custom garage design.

The Cabinets: VAULT® Professional Series Metal Garage Cabinets

The client’s VAULT® Professional Series armoires, cabinets, and workchests were custom-built and to his exact specifications that includes a powder coat finish that is equally durable as it is beautiful.  Catering to the most discriminating of clients, our flagship line is instantly recognizable and distinctive in their impeccably styled, high performance design.  Eye-catching in their classy design and substantial in their construction, they’re unlike any other metal cabinet or tool chest you will encounter. 

The Pro Series is indeed a sexy, beautiful cabinet.  But it’s also incredibly strong and versatile, and a must for any active garage.  “The cabinets look AWESOME and are of great quality,” our client said. “Every bit as impressive as I thought they’d be.”

A signature design feature of the Pro Series cabinets are the exposed exterior frames.  With its indestructible 11-gauge vertical frame members and 16-gauge horizontal framing, no other metal cabinet in the world has a stronger foundation.  Weighing in at a whopping 300lbs apiece, these four-drawer toolchest cabinets are a fortress of strength that contributes to the Pro Series distinctive look. 

Those 36”-wide foot wide drawer’s (also available in a 4-foot wide configuration) offer a massive amount of storage capacity for the clients hand and power tool storage.  Riding on extreme-duty ball bearing slides our stainless steel drawers will easily accommodate an extreme amount of weight up to 225lbs without any noticeable fatigue in their operation, guaranteeing a lifetime of use without them ever coming out of alignment.

The double-walled doors on these armoire cabinets are welded and flanged for a solid construction.  Weighing in at a hefty 52lbs apiece, that they are solid in their construction and pre-hung to ensure they fit perfectly they close softly on European-style hinges and a shutting mechanism that keeps dirt and dust from getting inside.  Inside each cabinet are shelves of extreme-duty construction so that they are infallible and will last a lifetime of use without failing.  Our ingeniously simple shelf bracket will allow the client to place every shelf exactly where he needs it.

Available exclusively to clients that expect the very best, this made-to-order tool chest and storage cabinet system is legendary for the superb craftsmanship and styling that have distinguished VAULT® as the most prestigious custom metal cabinet you could own.  You will not find a classier, sexier, more beautifully crafted cabinet in the world.

All of our custom-built metal garage cabinets are handcrafted with pride in the United States of America at our Indianapolis factory, and powder-coated to meet our customers’ needs or match their space or personality.

The Flooring: Custom Garage Flooring by VAULT®

When it comes to garage flooring, nothing approaches the performance and value of porcelain. Porcelain tile has the sought-after appearance of marbles, granites, and other quarry stones, but its technical attributes are far superior to these materials. Porcelain tile is unmatched in features such as uniformity, shine, strength, low absorption, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, and ease of cleaning. Simply put, there is not a stronger or denser tiled surface, especially one that offers the stunning aesthetics of porcelain.

Porcelain is the garage flooring material of choice at VAULT®. We are the exclusive importer and distributer of the same best-in-class Italian porcelain tile installed at all Ferrari and Maserati showrooms throughout the world, the same porcelain tiles used by Mercedes, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, and Land Rover. Needless to say, this client was thrilled to claim the same kind of unmatched quality and luxury for his home garage.

VAULT® Custom Garage Design

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