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Garage Furnished by VAULT in Indiana

Garage Furnished by VAULT in Indiana

These are pictures of an ongoing project that VAULT began furnishing for a client’s garage in Indiana that all started two years ago with the order of
porcelain tile. Then the client commissioned us to handcraft him a custom made Ferrari porcelain neon sign. If you follow us on Facebook,
or here on this blog, you probably recognize some of the other items in this garage, such as the restoration of several rare Wayne gas pumps, a Ford
art deco double-sided porcelain neon sign, a ‘GARAGE’ art deco porcelain neon sign, a one-of-a-kind reverse on glass Porsche mirror (featuring gold
gilding and acid etching), Alfa Romeo porcelain neon sign, Lamborghini porcelain neon sign, among other interesting accoutrement’s that have completely transformed this garage into a great entertaining space for this passionate car collector.

We are currently working on three more signs for this client, including a Ford backlit punched hole sign, a Point Beer porcelain neon sign and a mint Grain Belt Beer porcelain neon sign, all three of which will be double-sided signs.

For more than a decade, VAULT® has been designing & furnishing the world’s finest garages and creating custom, personalized solutions for people just like you. We’ve helped client’s reimagine their garage to discover its hidden potential and get more out of their homes. And more out of their lives.

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