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Transforming My Garage into a Dream Hangout: A Custom Cabinet Success Story

Transforming My Garage into a Dream Hangout: A Custom Cabinet Success Story

“Cabinets look amazing. Seriously amazing!!! Attention to detail is over the top. Truly works of art. Your packing alone rivals Apple.”

Sometimes our customers just say it best. We recently received this glowing testimonial from a project in Colorado Springs –  and rather than summarize it we figured we’d just share Dr. Christopher Jones’ kind words in its entirety. We collaborated with Prismatic Powders on this job to match our Professional Series Garage Cabinets to Christopher’s Porsches.

I have been an automobile, and Porsche enthusiast ever since I was a young boy. The first time that I saw a 930 Turbo I was in awe. The sexy lines, massive wing and the muscular rear end got my blood flowing. I could only dream of being able to drive such a car one day. After years of school and working hard, I attained my dream and have been fortunate enough to be able to own a few of these engineering marvels.

Next came Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Cameron’s father’s garage. The glass on both sides allowing you to see through it was completely off the hook. For years, I dreamt of building “my garage/man cave”. The design would certainly have the glass on both sides allowing you to see the cars, and an awesome view out the back. After many years, this dream was finally materializing. I wanted it to have a real cool factor. As I started to work on the interior design, I did an incredible amount of research on everything from wall coverings, cases for my model car collection, floor coverings and cabinets. At first I did not think of the cabinets as a center piece, but still wanted them to be cool.

After looking at countless cabinets and cabinet companies online, I stumbled across VAULT®. These cabinets were beautiful! I looked through the gallery on VAULT®’s website a hundred times and decided this is what my garage needed. The first time I called VAULT® I got the owner, Chad Haas, on the line. We spoke for over an hour about his cabinets and what makes them unique. His enthusiasm and understanding of what makes a garage special was obvious. We hung up the phone and I emailed him a few photos of my Porsches and what I was planning for cabinets. The color choice was slate gray. I thought it would look clean and sharp. Chad saw the pictures of my cars and immediately said that we have to make the cabinets a custom blue to match my cars (Mexico Blue and Riviera Blue). At first I wasn’t sure about this choice. I thought that it may be too much. Thankfully, I listened and the color turned out to be beautiful!

When I first learned the price of these cabinets, I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive. There are quite a few cheaper options out there, but after seeing the quality of engineering, materials and paint, there is no doubt that they are worth every penny. Granted you may save 25% by going with a cheaper option, but you will not get VAULT® garage cabinets! I have cabinets in my other garage that were made from melamine. These cabinets are functional, attractive and custom made. However, even after just a few years, the hinges are starting to fail. Most importantly, they are “just cabinets”.

The customer requested the integration of a subzero beverage fridge.

Then came the design stage. I wanted a specific setup for my hangout area that would incorporate a stereo cabinet and a sub zero fridge. Chad and his team went to work designing two custom cabinets to match my requested set up. I didn’t know this at the time, but they have never made a cabinet with an incorporated subzero beverage fridge. When they reached out to subzero, subzero told them that no one has ever re-faced one of their fridges with a metal front. VAULT® saw this as a challenge. They ordered the fridge of my choice and went to work designing a custom cabinet. We went back and forth a half dozen times with engineering drawings until they got what I wanted. They engineered everything from vented rear cabinet walls to accommodate the heat of the audio equipment, to a specifically located cut out to match my wall outlets. There were some challenges along the way, but after several iterations, they nailed it.

When it was time to ship my garage cabinets, they packaged them into bomb proof crates to protect them on their journey. Chad communicated with me the whole time and called me immediately after delivery to make sure that everything went smoothly. VAULT® provided detailed instructions on how to unpack and set up the cabinets. While this did require a fair amount of work, the instructions were spot on and made it a smooth process.

The cabinets exceeded my expectations in every way. When I started this process, the cabinets were not a primary concern or center piece of my garage. Now, I could not imagine my garage without the VAULT® cabinets.  They MAKE the garage special! I look at them as a piece of art to be admired. The color is stunning! The construction is exacting!

Thank you Chad and The VAULT® Team for helping make my dream garage A Dream!

Christopher Jones, MD