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Colorado Garage Door Transformation

Colorado Garage Door Transformation

We feel privileged to work on some of the world’s most beautiful garages, like this home in Littleton, Colorado. When the homeowner contacted us this spring, he explained that he wanted something more than the epoxy coated floors, melamine cabinets and basic garage doors that he was offered. He wanted to spend more time in the garage and wanted it furnished worthy of making it one of the most beautiful garages in America.

The client flew us out to his five year old home to make recommendations first-hand. VAULT founder Chad Haas re-designed the entire interior of the garage to transform its current modern appearance into an Old World car barn by drawing inspiration from the hillside architecture of Tuscany to create a more timeless appearance and maintain architectural harmony with the rest of the home by complementing the homes design, not fighting with it. 

The first step was to strip and remove the white and black epoxy coating and replace with porcelain tiles. The second step was to install wood beams and hand-plaster the walls of the garage so that it has a wonderful antique quality. This step is still ongoing.

The third step, which was just completed, was to remove the existing carriage doors and replace them with solid Mahogany doors that look like castle doors. The doors feature a luxurious and rich dark brown stain, wrought iron hardware and jack-shaft operation of the homes main overhead doors and the double door changing its operation for a mechanically operation to a one-of-a-kind set of six bi-fold doors that will open accordion style.