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Video: Forged Cabinets by VAULT

Video: Forged Cabinets by VAULT

Ten years ago when we designed FORGED cabinets our goal was to offer the finest quality cabinet at its price point. Featuring ultra-premium options such as an automotive-quality powder coated finish, tough-as-nails galvanized steel interiors, double-wall construction throughout, heavy-duty (225lb) ball bearing drawer slides and European-style door hinges by Blum, take a peek at this video to view for yourself why FORGED cabinets are unmatched in their beauty, quality, performance, reliability & longevity.

You will appreciate the premium features of FORGED Cabinets, all of which are standard:

1. Heavy-Duty Steel Construction – All of our cabinets are made of thick gauged, hard-wearing steel for increased strength and durability.

2. Double-Wall Construction – All panels, drawers and doors have double-wall steel construction throughout to create a stronger, rigid cabinet.

3. Infinitely Serviceable – All cabinet parts are designed so they may be serviced, meaning your investment should last a lifetime of use.

4. Full-Extension Drawers – All drawers are equipped with full extension slides, providing easy access to the contents of the drawers.

5. Heavy-Duty Shelving – Our shelves are built to support a minimum capacity of 400lbs effortlessly.

6. Heavy-Duty Ball-Bearing Slides – All drawers open and close smoothly on 225lb weight class ball-bearing slides.

7. Fully Concealed Door Hinges – High-quality European-style door hinges by Blum are adjustable so you can always ensure your doors stay perfectly aligned.

8. Durable Finish – Our beautiful furniture-grade powder coating is not only beautiful, but is a durable barrier against corrosion.

9. Large Recessed Handles – Large handles are gracefully designed to provide easy finger-grip access along the full length of our drawers and doors. Or upgrade to full length metal handles. Your choice.

10. Mounting Bracket – Our proprietary hanger bracket (included) make our cabinets easy to install and easy to reposition. If you ever move, re-locating
them is as easy as hanging a picture frame.


* Choose from an endless selection of exterior color options

* Base cabinets accept VAULT® stainless steel countertops OR a custom countertop supplied locally

* Doors may be mounted left or right-hinge


* Solid Metal Handles
* Additional Shelves
* Extreme-Duty Shelves


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FORGED steel cabinets are designed by VAULT®. For more than a decade, VAULT® has been designing & furnishing the world’s finest garages and creating custom, personalized solutions for people just like you. We’ve helped client’s reimagine their garage to discover its hidden potential and get more out of their homes. And more out of their lives.

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