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Customize Your Garage Cabinets – Choose a Powder Coating to Match Your Space, Vehicles, or Personality

Customize Your Garage Cabinets – Choose a Powder Coating to Match Your Space, Vehicles, or Personality

All VAULT® cabinets are handcrafted and custom built to our clients’ exact specifications. This includes details such as custom built-to-size cabinets, countertop surfaces and handle options that can personalize a garage or shop to make it stand out from the crowd. One of our most popular customization options, though, arguably offers the best means to truly personalize your space and make it your own: a custom exterior finish.

Why Powder Coating Matters to You – The Most Durable, Reliable Protection of Your Investment

Powder coating is one of the most durable, reliable and beautiful protective coatings available to protect metal surfaces. The technology of powder coatings has become so advanced that most car manufacturers now powder coat parts that are exposed directly to elements, such as car frames and under-body parts (previously these parts were painted and highly susceptible to rusting).

If powder coated external surface parts can withstand the harsh conditions of rock chips and common road damage – and remain unaffected by salt/deicers, solvents, chemicals, or corrosives – this technology is more than adequate to protect your metal cabinets from day-to-day wear, hot, cold, and humidity to a degree that wood and aluminum surfaces can never match. An additional benefit of our powder-coated surfaces is that they are environmentally friendly, emitting no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

It is for these reasons that all VAULT® exterior cabinet parts are powder coated, never painted. No other surface protection offers our customers what they want, including unlimited color choices, appearance, gloss/smoothness, ease of cleaning and – most importantly – resistance to wear, corrosion, and abrasion.

You’ve Protected Your Investment – Now Customize It

Our reputation for the quality of our finishing is where we excel among other metal cabinet manufacturers. We offer customers an unlimited color palette in a smooth, automotive-quality finish that has a highly reflective, deep luxurious appearance that sets the appearance of VAULT® cabinets apart from all others in the world.

To personalize their VAULT® cabinets further, customers can choose from a variety of texture depths (matte and textured) or topcoat. Our custom finishes create a limitless number of possibilities to personalize each project so that your space can be uniquely beautiful.

The luminous effects of our finishing accentuate the craftsmanship of our cabinets and truly establish our metal cabinets as works of art, as our clients can testify to:

“We were VERY SURPRISED with the beautiful cabinets they show in their website, but the truth is that WE COULDN’T BELIEVE THE QUALITY OF WHAT WAS IN FRONT OF OUR EYES until received the merchandise on the jobsite: TOP CRAFTSMANSHIP AND ASTOUNDING FINISHES, with a specific and beautiful color we chose to fit our client’s requirements.

Last but not least, I have to say that the staff was always very available during the whole process, and I can VOUCH FOR THE HUMAN QUALITY OF THEIR SERVICE WHICH I PERSONALLY FOUND EXCEPTIONAL.”

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The Most Common Cabinet Built at VAULT® is ‘Custom’ – Let’s Collaborate to Create Personal Effects to Set Your Home Apart

Many of our clients have chosen finishes to maintain a home’s architectural harmony or to complement features such as walls, décor, flooring color or finish. Others have matched the exterior finish of their cabinets to match to the color of their vehicles, their favorite brand, or to honor their favorite sports team. Many have simply settled on a unique color that expresses their personal essence. Any and all options are on the table at VAULT®. Here are some examples to get your own creative ideas flowing.

Matching Sports Teams

A huge Cornhuskers Fan in Nebraska picked a deep scarlet to cheer on Big Red and match the rest of his Huskers-themed space.

An avid Los Angeles Lakers fan from Anaheim, California, commissioned us to coat his FORGED cabinets in beautiful royal Lakers purple.

Matching Vehicles

“Ferrari Red” is one of our most popular colors overall. Not surprisingly, it’s especially popular with our clients lucky enough to own red Ferraris.

“Ferrari Red” is hot, no doubt. But since your four-wheeled treasures come in other shades, as well, we’ve got you covered.  

Custom vehicle matching isn’t just for cars, though. For his garage cabinets, our client in San Diego turned to “Azur Blue” to match his favorite dirt bike.

Matching Personality

While some customers have a sports team, vehicle, or other furnishings they want to match cabinet colors with, many others settle on a color that simply speaks to them in one way or another, one that allows them to express themselves and feel truly at home in their space. Here are a few examples of some the more striking and unique powder coating colors we’ve had the pleasure of applying for our customers.  

Free Consultation

The possibilities for customization of your VAULT® cabinets are really only limited by your imagination. If you’re ready to talk further about cabinets, color, or anything else related to your garage project, contact us to set up your free consultation.