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Customer Testimonial: Paradise Valley, AZ

Customer Testimonial: Paradise Valley, AZ

When you walk into this Paradise Valley, Arizona garage it appears that a line of cabinets conclude with a large Armoire that is recessed into an alcove. But upon closer inspection, you notice that they are actually custom swing-doors that when opened allow entrance into a storage room, which the homeowner wanted to conceal, yet gain access to a back room. From the front, you’d never know the back room even existed. How cool is that?

VAULT® worked very closely with both a designer and installer on this project to conceive a personalized solution so that the homeowner could get exactly what he wanted. Having already owned Gladiator products made by Whirlpool, the homeowner gave his contractors instructions to find him something that was as effective as it is beautiful. The contractors recommended to the client that he attend the Barrett-Jackson auction, where he saw first-hand cabinets built by Moduline and Baldhead, among other manufacturers. Ultimately, he decided to purchase Designer Series cabinets by VAULT® sight-unseen based on our reputation for quality and customer service. That was quite a leap of faith.

This morning we received a note from the homeowner and here is what he had to say about his satisfaction in choosing VAULT®:

“Thanks for your perseverance in getting the door right. Everything looks great. It’s still a work in progress, since I am still working on stuff for the
walls and better lighting and power access.

The cabinets look fantastic. They (the cabinets) are a huge hit with everyone who visits.”

The designer had this to say:

“I have been familiar with (VAULT®) for eight years at least. I am very familiar with (their) product. I’ve been to Oregon to see it first-hand, worked with VAULT on a few projects, including one going in here next week (in Paradise Valley) and they deliver a first class product … and the high level of quality they put into their product(s).”

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