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Customer Testimonial: Shillington, PA

Customer Testimonial: Shillington, PA

We received this wonderful review on Houzz from an interior designer in Pennsylvania who enjoyed working with us so much that we have now collaborated together on furnishing two garages, featuring VAULT® Pro Series cabinets, restoring two antique gas pumps and several porcelain and neon signs.

“I don’t typically design garages but this project was a special request from a high-end client. I was excited but didn’t know where to begin. Luckily, I found VAULT and with Vault came Chad Haas. Without great people, a great product can go nowhere. Chad and I worked long distance to provide my client with strong, beautiful and functional cabinets and the most fabulous auto-inspired signage I’d ever seen. He guided me, answered email & phone messages promptly and followed up on the order. His passion is evident. Highly Recommended” -Norm Kohl, Designer 

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