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Customer Testimonial: Austin, TX

Customer Testimonial: Austin, TX

Nothing pleases us more at VAULT® than hearing from satisfied customers. This Austin, Texas client invested several months of due diligence to find the perfect cabinet storage system to meet their needs, personally visiting Baldhead, Lista and Moduline firsthand. Ultimately, they choose our ‘Designer Series’ cabinets sight unseen based on these reasons:

“I am writing to express my appreciation for the exceptional level of customer service provided by VAULT.

My partner and I looked at a number of cabinets prior to selecting yours. These included Baldhead, Moduline, and Lista. We were not satisfied with the other cabinets for a variety of reasons: play in the drawers, looks/design, or fit and finish.

After speaking with you on the phone we felt confident enough to take a chance and order cabinets from VAULT. We were not disappointed. The design aesthetic, fit, finish, and overall quality is unmatched in my opinion.

We were so pleased with our initial order we followed-up with an additional custom cabinet, full tile for the floor in the garage, and new lighting. The custom cabinet you built for us was perfect, the tile is simply amazing, and, much to my surprise, the lights really did make a huge difference in the garage.

Thank you for all of your assistance and patience with my laundry list of questions. I do not think we would have ended up with half as nice of a garage had we gone with another vender. I am enclosing a couple of pictures so you can see the final outcome.

Please feel free to pass on this letter or use me as a reference if anyone would like to speak to a very satisfied customer.

C. Morris Davis III
Austin, Texas”