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Client From Westfield, New Jersey Experience The VAULT Difference

Client From Westfield, New Jersey Experience The VAULT Difference

A client from Westfield, New Jersey had this to say about their new Ferrari red Designer Series cabinets by VAULT®:

Cabinets are up and look fantastic. We couldn’t be more pleased with the cabinets. They meet our expectations and look even better in real life than the website pictures convey


Built exclusively according to the respective customer requests, every Designer Series cabinet is built-to-order individualized to match its owner’s
unique preferences.

Experience The Vault® Difference

KNOWN FOR MORE SATISFIED CLIENTS: The value of what VAULT® delivers is in satisfying our customers. We believe that exceptional products
should come with exceptional customer service. We will do our utmost to provide you with an enjoyable and effortless experience; unfortunately
that is not always the case with so many other products that fail to meet customers’ expectations, break apart only after a few years of use, arrive
damaged or the client ends up having to battle poor customer service on top of poor quality.

For more than a decade, our reputation has been built upon a long list of satisfied customers. Just ask them.

We are confident that you will find nothing else like our product – in terms of beauty, strength, fit and finish, meticulous details, and overall quality – to any other cabinet or tool storage system in the world. And that you will be pleased with the customer service to support your investment.

Superb Craftsmanship and Sophisticated Styling Unmatched By Imitators

Four fundamentals have guided product creation for every VAULT® product: Sophisticated Styling, Ultimate Durability, Superb Craftsmanship and Unmatched

Offering customers the most elegant garage, our cabinets are not only beautiful they are the most well-made in the world. We take this commitment to
bear, and we hold the function and durability of our cabinets to the highest of standards to ensure they will last for generations.

HIGHEST-QUALITY MATERIALS: Only the highest quality materials available are used to build our world-class storage cabinets. VAULT®
is the only company that uses Premium-Grade 304 stainless steel in the construction of our metal cabinets. Known for its excellent combination
of long life, corrosion resistance, ease of maintenance and unrivaled strength – there is no better raw material from which to build cabinets.

Be wary of competing products that market their cabinets as ‘stainless steel’ construction and use only a paper thin decorative veneer. Only VAULT®
offers double-wall construction using stainless steel sheet metal in type 304-grade.

ARTISANAL CRAFTSMANSHIP: Committed to offering a stylish product, each cabinet is the result of careful consideration to every detail.
All visible surfaces and parts are painstakingly critiqued to be of furniture-grade quality — no visible seams, fasteners or soldered joints are
exposed and all joints feature hemmed construction. Our manufacturing process allows us to create precision parts (to tolerances of ±.015) that
are highly precise and consistent.

EXTRAORDINARILY BEAUTIFUL DURABLE FINISHES: Beautifully detailed in automotive-quality powder coated surfaces, the premium finish
on our Designer Series cabinets projects a luxurious, deep gloss that is also easy to clean. All powder coated surfaces are hand sanded before
paint so that they are perfectly straight. All other companies skimp on powder coated surfaces because matte textured finishes can hide blemishes
and are a cheaper surface finish. VAULT®’s luxurious, yet durable, finish is a signature feature that has made our cabinets famous.

INFALLABLE DRAWERS: Premium-Grade stainless steel drawers operate smoothly on extreme-duty ball bearing drawer slides. Drawers will
easily accommodate an extreme amount of weight up to 225lbs without any noticeable fatigue in their operation. Full-extension
hardware allows easy access to the furthest reaches of the drawer, providing easy accessibility to all contents.

INFALLABLE SHELVES: Our heavy-duty stainless steel shelves are designed for significant weights loads and extreme use. Their single-piece
construction incorporates stiffeners to produce a superior shelf that can accommodate an impressive 400lbs of weight per shelfwith
no fatigue.

SOLID DOOR CONSTRUCTION: All doors have double-wall steel construction with stiffening flanges built in place to create a stronger,
rigid door that will also increase the life of your products and ensure precise operation. How impressive is our door construction? A single Armoire
door weighs an astounding 52lbs! Top performing fully-adjustable hinges by Blum guarantee that all doors can be in perfect alignment.

Made In America By Hand

As a VAULT® customer, you are purchasing an American-made product made with pride in Indianapolis, Indiana — in the heart of USA. We are involved
in every step of the way, and our processes are uncompromising, because we believe each of our products is a representation of who we are, and
we are not willing to settle for anything less than the very best.

We Work With You Directly

Whether you are an architect, a designer, the home builder or home owner, we will work directly with you to create a custom, personalized solution
that is perfect for you from design to delivery!

We’ve helped clients all over the world from as far away as Australia, Dubai, the Caribbean Islands, and the Dominican Republic … even on the
north slope of Alaska and on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

You can start the process to get a quote by contacting us by phone (310-622-4477) or