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Cabinets For A Customer In Wichita, Kansas

Cabinets For A Customer In Wichita, Kansas

Often copied in their appearance and description, but impossible to match in their quality, these VAULT® Designer Series cabinets, shown here in Graphite Metallico, ship to a client in Wichita, Kansas this week.

The furniture grade powder coating that we use on all VAULT® cabinets is a high gloss, low orange peel powder that is only found on high end surfaces. Because the powders we use have a deep rich finish, every panel must be meticulously manufactured in such a way to prevent any defects from projecting through the automobile-paint quality finish. This means that after weld joints are hand finished/hand sanded before they are released for paint.

Our bespoke manufacturing process is uncompromising because we believe each of our products is a representation of who we are. Our aspirations is not to be known as the biggest; our desire is to be known by our customers as being the very best.

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