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Associated GAS Double Sided Porcelain Neon Sign

Associated GAS Double Sided Porcelain Neon Sign

This labor of love may have taken more than six months to complete, but we are thrilled with the final results – which feels like stepping back in time to the day this Associated Gasoline ‘GAS’ double-sided porcelain sign first left its factory. Getting the colors to be an exact match took a lot of trial and error and the ‘chicken foot’ neon was not easy either, but it is exactly these kinds of challenges that we really enjoy taking on.

This porcelain sign is known by collectors as a “chicken wing”. “Flying A” gasoline was a brand that had a rich tradition on the west coast of America. It was sold by associated dealers of Tidewater Oil Company on the west coast before and after World War II. In the early 1900’s a group of well operators formed the Associated Oil Company to transport oil out of their fields. The pipeline ended at the company’s refinery in Martinez, CA. In a few years Associated products were distributed all over the west coast and Hawaii.

The trademark for Associated’s gasoline products had been a pair of flying wings attached to a letter ‘A’ for Associated, became the new company’s national marketing emblem since the 1920s. Tide Water Oil had been using the trademarks “Tydol” for gasoline and “Veedol” for lubricants. Gradually these trademarks became used across the company. By the 1950s, Flying A was the name for gasoline sold throughout the system and was in use in various forms up until 1970. Coveted by collectors for its wonderfully bright graphics, a “Flying A Chicken Wing” porcelain neon sign is one of the most spectacularly colored, equally impressive unlit as well as lit.

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If you would like to read more about Associated Oil and Tidewater Oil there is a wonderful history of the companies that was written by author Anthony W. Thompson, which you may download here: