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Professional lighting fixtures offered exclusively by VAULT®

A great light fixture needs to do more than just produce bright light. After all, having a glaringly bright light will be just as fatiguing as having too little light. Cheaply made fixtures with impressive stats often end up being no more than “glare bombs” because they focus solely on producing as much light as possible with little regard for where it goes.

What makes our fixtures exceptional, compared to other competing products, is the quality of their lens and refractor. Our fixtures maximize the efficiency of lamps (bulbs) by dispersing light evenly, such as toward the ceiling, to enhance the feeling of overall brightness and by softening shadows and glare.

If you want to experience the same lighting conditions chosen by many leading automobile manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, and Maserati and absolutely require the best ambient lighting fixture you can own, then our professional lighting fixtures are for you. These fixtures are made for us through a collaboration with a company based in Austria and are made-to-order exclusively for our customers one at a time.



A. TWO-FOOT FIXTURES - These streamlined fixtures (27-11/16” L x 6” W x 3-7/8” H) deliver a high lumen package (1200 to 3500 lm - dependent upon color temperature of the lamp you install) with excellent efficiency.
1. One (1) 17W T8 Lamp  |  05800012  |  $242.00
2. One (1) 14W T5 Lamp  |  05800027  |  $247.00
3. Two(2) 14W T5 Lamps  |  05800030  |  $262.00
4. One (1) 24W T5 High-Output (HO) Lamp  |  05800045  |  $282.00
5. Two (2) 24W T5 High-Output (HO) Lamps  |  05800048  |  $287.00
6. One (1) 40W T5 TT Lamp  |  O5800060  |  $282.00

B. FOUR-FOOT FIXTURES - These sleek 4’ fixtures (51-11/16” L x 8-5/16“ W x 3-7/8” H) deliver ultimate performance through a high lumen package (4,400 to 5000lm - dependent upon color temperature of the lamp you install) with excellent operating efficiency.
1. Two (2) 54W T5 HO  |  O5800033  |  $302.00 ON SALE NOW FOR $250 PER FIXTURE!


If you desire to hang, versus flush mount (standard), your fixtures, the following mounting options are available:
Wire Suspension Kit, 70"  |  05800303  |  Inquire
Chain Suspension Kit, 70"  |  05800306  |  Inquire

* All fixtures ship from Austria direct to customer from factory
* All Fixtures are Made-to-Order
* Lamps Available Locally (clients will select the wattage & the color temperature of the lamps they desire)

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