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Porcelain Garage Tiles FROM ITALY

Spectacular garage tile floors to showcase your treasures upon.

Nothing looks nicer than a tiled floor, just like those found in automobile showrooms and prestigious architectural applications. But the trick has been finding a tile that has the appearance of some of the world's most famous and sought-after marbles, granites, and quarry stones, but has superior technical qualities (uniformity, shine, strength, low absorption, resistance to abrasion, stain resistance and ease to cleaning).

The solution comes from sophisticated new technologies developed in Italy to create porcelain tiles that have extraordinary performance characteristics not found in tiles that are quarried, such as granite or marble.

Processed on sophisticated technology, resulting from ongoing and highly advanced research, these high-tech tiles provide the highest quality product available in the international market today, enduring the highest levels of stress, enormous traffic and the most persistent stains.



($4.35 sq ft)

Super White

Super White

($4.75 sq ft)



($4.00 sq ft)

Sold on a per box basis only (13 tiles per box)


Simply put, there is not a stronger or denser tiled surface, which is the reason why they have become the industry standard for interior and exterior architectural tile installations. The fine characteristics of these tiles, certified by the world's leading laboratories, have been demonstrated by prestigious applications worldwide: banks, hotels, airports, subways, railways, shopping centers, industrial plants, public places, military and sports facilities, schools, places of worship, auto dealerships and restaurants.

Installed exclusively at all Ferrari & Maserati showrooms throughout the world, they create just the right sense of style, technology, performance and beauty that defines these prestigious companies. These are also the porcelain tiles specified at Acura, Audi, Honda, Land Rover, Mercedes, Porsche, Nissan, Toyota, SAAB, and Volkswagen showrooms throughout the world.

No tile is better for your commercial showroom or garage than these Italian porcelain tiles available through VAULT®.

Manufactured and imported direct from Italy.

To order VAULT'S® porcelain tiles, contact one of our flooring specialists at: (310) 622-4477.



The material advantages of these tiles over traditional quarried materials include:

Stain Resistance
Unlike ceramic tile and natural stone, which can stain, these tiles are stain-proof.

A breaking strength 2X or 3X times greater than granite and 7X to 8X greater than marble provides the hardest, most durable tiled surface you can find.

Abrasion Resistance
A 3X higher resistance to deep abrasions.

Moisture Resistance
Exceptionally low absorption rate of less than 0.01%-0.04% classifies these tiles as "impervious". Their dense, impervious nature make them ideally suited for high-moisture environments.

Frost Resistance
Tiles are frost proof and able to withstand freeze/thaw conditions.

Chemical Resistance
Tiles are unaffected by chemicals and will show no visible signs of chemical attack.

Color Resistance to Light
Unaffected by UV; no change in brightness or color.

Environmental Impact
The production process has a very low environmental impact and, unlike quarried materials, which have a high wastage rate (approximately 66% of quarry volume is waste by-product) and major environmental repercussions.



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